Woman Whose Son’s Manhood Is Only 2cm Long Appeals For Help

In an incident that smacks of pinnacle of motherly love, a woman is appealing to any kind of assistance that might rectify her son’s 2cm sexual organ.

The mother, Gugulethu Moyo, is on record as claiming to have hopped from modern doctors to traditional healers and prophets in search of a solution to her son’s deformity.

“I have been to a number of different people but nothing came out of it. My son was born two years ago with a very small penis and testicles. At a first glance you would have thought that there was nothing. After noticing the problem I took him to hospital in Filabusi. Officials at the hospital said there was nothing they could do and wrote me a referral letter to go to United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH),” said Moyo.

She said nurses at the hospital measured the organ at 2cm.

“They said children of my son’s age had a far much bigger organ so there was a problem with his. He was then immediately admitted. He spent some time in hospital. An urologist administered a number of injections on him as a way of drawing out the organ and testicles but nothing materialised. He does not play like other children because he is always complaining of pain when passing urine and abdominal pains,” she said.

Moyo said a doctor at a local hospital came to a decision to operate the boy.

“The operation will cost US$5,000 and I do not have the money. I am therefore appealing for help. I AM DESPERATE. Traditional healers and prophets are also welcome to lend a helping hand in the interim,” she said.

Those willing to help can contact Moyo on 0773208817 or visit her at 527 Bekezela in Filabusi.

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