Woman sells her twin babies for N150,000


When Beatrice left home in the morning of October 1 with her twin girls, the four-year old twins would probably be thinking that being independence day, their mother was taking them out for a special treat. Alas, Beatrice was on a mission to sell her God-given girls for N75,000 apiece. How were the girls rescued from this monster of a mother?


Wonders, they say shall never end. What many would rather give a finger to have was what a woman, identified as Beatrice, was trying hard to dispose, while most Nigerians were celebrating the anniversary of the country’s freedom from the claws of colonialists on Tuesday, October 1.


Beatrice, a native of Isiele-Uku, married to a Beninoise was trying so hard to send her twins into eternal slavery. Beatrice, who lived with her husband at Idi-Iroko area border in Ogun State, was reported to have parted ways with her husband in March.

While she lives with her four-year old twins at the border town, her estranged husband was said to have taken another wife and moved out of the town. But it was reported that once every month, Beatrice’s former husband used to come visiting his twins in the care of his estranged wife. The man is also reported to take full responsibility for the welfare of the two girls, as he provided for their upkeeps, albeit not to the required standard.


The huaband, whose identity could not be immediately ascertained, was on such trip to Idi-Iroko on that fateful day when he discovered that his former wife and mother of his twin girls was close to disposing off of the twins for cash. Saturday Mirror gathered that on the morning of that day, Beatrice left her house quite early for a market at the border.

The woman was said to have informed one Meimunat, said to be her closest friend of her plans to travel out of the town for the coming Sallah period. It was discovered later that when Beatrice left home early that day with her twins, she headed for the border market where she reportedly met a couple said to have come from Lome, in Togo to purchase the twins. Some hours after she left home with her kids, Beatrice’s husband, with a friend of his living a stone throw from Beatrice’s house, arrived the house to see his twins, but was informed that his estranged wife had left home early that day.


Beatrice and the couple with another man from Idi-Iroko, who appeared as middleman between her and the intending buyer of her twin girls, were reported to have met at a restaurant near the Idi-Iroko main gate.

An eye witness account told journalists that while Beatrice was in talks with the Togolese couple for the price for the twins, a friend of her former husband walked into the restaurant for a different purpose, presumably to buy some fast food to eat. When Beatrice’s former husband’s friend reportedly saw the woman and the twins at the restaurant, by which time Beatrice was deeply engrossed in the negotiations for the sale of the kids, he dashed out of the restaurant and placed a call through to his friend saying that he sighted his estranged wife at the restaurant with their kids.


It was reported that by the time the man got to the restaurant, Beatrice had already concluded arrangement with the couple and the sum of N150, 000 had already been handed over to her. She soon left the little girls with the couple, who reportedly stayed back at the restaurant trying to do some shopping for the little girls.

As fate would have it, while Beatrice was coming out of the restaurant, her former husband reportedly rode in a motorcycle into the restaurant. Sighting Beatrice, the man reportedly barked at her demanding for his kids. Beatrice reportedly told her former husband that she left the twins at home to get some things for them at the restaurant. She, however, did not know that the man had earlier gone to check them at home.


Beatrice tried to free herself from the man’s grips, but he prevailed on her to take him to see his kids. While they were still shouting on each other outside the restaurant, the couple emerged from the restaurant with the little girls and the man reportedly yelled at her kids. The confused couple was thus prevented from going away with the kids while Beatrice received heavy punches from her former husband. Speaking with Saturday Mirror on telephone, Akin, Beatrice’s former husband’s friend, claimed that had he and his friends waited a minute more, they would not have seen the twins again.

His words: “Earlier that morning, I was with my friend when he went to check his twins at the woman’s house but we were told that she had travelled. But some hours after, I wanted to entertain my friend so I went to the restaurant to get some things to eat. When I got there, I saw the woman discussing with the husband and wife and anoth-er man, while the two girls were eating snacks beside them. “Fortunately, the woman did not see me.


So I went back and told my friend what I saw at the restaurant. That was how he said we should rush there and when we got there, the woman had already been paid for the purchase of the twins and was about leaving the town. You can imagine a woman offering her twins for N150, 000.” Another eyewitness told reporters that “I was repairing my car beside the restaurant and I suddenly heard noise at the entrance of the restaurant.

By the time we got there, we heard that the woman had sold the kids for N150, 000. But the man beat the hell out of the woman before they all moved themselves into a bus and left the area.” The couple that reportedly paid for the twins had to forfeit their money while the father of the twins took possession of his kids. He reportedly dragged Beatrice into a bus and left the area.




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