Who’s Keimo and what’s Keimo Therapy?

Keimo, a multi-versed/ multi-talented producer, songwriter, artist and entrepreneur, has a unique and very distinguishing style of music, which he calls Southern Caribbean. Keimo is originally from the Caribbean, but spent most of his life between the islands and Texas. As a result, his music incorporates the rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean with a strong Southern base, which makes it acceptable for a broader audience than one per say genre.

Hailing from the paradise island of St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, Keimo or Therapy, as everyone so often refers to him, is more than just an artist or musician. He is the ultimate package as it relates to the in-depth thought, ideas, and creation of great music and the people that love and buy it. God’s gift to man, the woman… “I never had problems conversing with the ladies coming up; I felt their passion, insecurities and sexuality, which made me want to connect with them on all levels,” says Keimo with a devilish grin. “I later learned that it was my honesty and self confidence that made women like and even love me. Not to mention I could turn my Caribbean ascent on and off at will, so you know that put me over the top. Women would tell me how they felt so liberated and free after being with me and how I was unlike other men because I possess the ability to woo women with my free spirited, live life to the fullest attitude. That’s when I kind of trade marked myself as Therapy or Keimo Therapy. It has a ring to it don’t you think?” Raised in the street of Waco, Texas and St. Thomas US Virgin Islands, this Houstonian, ex-Biology student truly has the heart and ardor of a poet to take on the world through rhythm and song.

As a result of his passion and drive, Soul Ravers Production, in association with Any Event Media LLC, wherein Keimo is founder and owner, will launch a highly anticipated album entitled, The Gangsta Of Love. This album is a combination of lyrical Pop/ Hip-Hop, rhythmic Reggae and passionate R&B. It reflects the everyday street life along with the hustles and chemistries between men and women. “I’ve learned that the women of today are more financially stable than men and are the majority when it comes to consumption of any and all product when they both are the target audience. Niggas always talking bout this and that, and how much game they have but I guarantee if you put these same niggas and put them against any sharp woman they gone loose,” says Keimo shaking his head. “That’s the same reason why I’m going to win. I feel women are very important to the survival of this country, the streets and the music business. Now if you have a few of these women on your team there’s nothing they won’t do or have done for you to succeed and that’s real power.”

The Reggae & Southern Music Wave

Artist like Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Sean Paul and even rap sensation Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion), have all turned up the heat on the spirit of the famous Caribbean sound know as reggae. Other artists like U.G.K., T.I., and the late DJ Skrew have molded and even altered the way the southern music is heard and respected worldwide. These premier artists were not satisfied with the confinements and limitations of the music in their regions. They appreciated the levels of success and attention at which the music gained, but thrived beyond and prevailed. Artists like Jay-Z, Bun B, Robin Thicke, Drake and R&B sensation Beyonce have all successfully taken the Reggae and Southern sound to thriving commercial levels. These same artists along with Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Eric B and Rakim, Steel Pulse, Dr. Dre, Jam Band, Too Short, Boyz II Men, Notorious BIG, Tupac, and many others have all been a major influence to Keimo in the past and present. “My music is a combination of many different elements from my diverse background. Hopefully one day it can bring another contribution to the world of Pop, Hip-Hop, Reggae, R&B and Southern music worldwide.”

When Will The Doctor Be In?

A tentative scheduled drop-date for The Gangsta Of Love is slated for Fall 2012 with the first single “She Gettin It,” leading the way. With songs like “Even When,” “Call Me,” “Bumpin,” “Tell Me Why,” and “The Gangsta of Love,” this project is more than just Southern Caribbean World music; it’s a style that goes beyond the confines of any musical classification. Don’t make the mistake of not making an appointment with the Doctor. He’s always on call…

Keimo Therapy or Daddy Therapy

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