Whoopi Goldberg: I didn’t realize my tour bus was on Fire

whoopi_640_463709280Whoopi Goldberg got quite the scare on Saturday when her tour bus caught fire outside of Casino New Brunswick in Canada, while the 59-year-old entertainer was still performing inside the venue.

Goldberg was doing a Q&A and a show at the casino, and started to notice that the audience was leaving in droves. She admitted on Monday’s The View that she couldn’t smell the smoke coming from the bus fire because she was sick.

The talk show co-host explained that a gentleman had to let her know that the bus was on fire. Goldberg got a chuckle from The View audience when she recalled telling the crowd in New Brunswick, “Sorry, I have to go. My bus is on fire.”

Goldberg said the incident would have been a whole lot scarier had it not occurred outside the venue. She claimed that had the bus been two minutes farther from the casino, it would have been completely destroyed because it would have been more difficult to put the fire out.

The Oscar winner quipped that she wouldn’t tour without her bus, which she affectionately called “Big Purple.” She also assured her View co-hosts that nobody was injured from the fire and that her tour bus would be up and running in no time.

The night of the fire, Goldberg posed for a photo with the men of the IAFF Local 771 Saint John Firefighters Association, who helped put out the flames. The “pretty cool” pic was shared on the association’s Facebook page.

On Sunday, Goldberg also shared a Facebook video letting everyone know that she was OK after the tour bus scare. She also said she thinks the cause of the fire was electrical.

“Hey, I’m fine. I just wanted you all to know I was in Moncton, Ontario, the greatest folks, the greatest cops, the greatest fire department, they put the fire out on the bus,” she said to the camera. “I’m fine. The drivers are fine. Thank you for all your concern.”

Goldberg was actually in New Brunswick, and several Facebook users corrected the comedian.

The View co-host seems pretty content with the women currently joining her on the talk show, and spoke candidly with ET about the rumors that Rosie O’Donnell could be planning a return to the program. Check out the video to see Goldberg’s response to the reports:

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