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Roger, A Multi-talented Artist had an interest in music since a very young age. As an elementary school student he performed on the world famous Apollo Stage in Harlem, New York. As he grew older, Roger maintained an interest in music playing in local go-go bands in the Washington, DC area where he lived. But his primary goal was always to gain entrance to the big-time levels of the American music industry. He nearly got his chance in 2009 when he advanced to the second round of Hip-Hop super mogul “Diddy”’s MTV television show “Making His Band.” Despite that opportunity not panning out, Roger was undeterred, and more opportunities continued to present themselves. For example, when Nigerian-American rapper Wale (a fellow Washingtonian) decided to use live music on his Attention Deficit tour Roger was right there on the keys.

As he traveled more extensively and his networking opportunities increased, Roger began to build relationships with a number of hip-hop’s “now” icons, including the likes of Drake and 2 Chainz and fellow producer Lex Luger. He eventually hooked up with French Montana, and the Bronx MC was featured on a Roger Beat production entitled “In the Party.” As a result of Roger’s relationship with French, he began working in New York with sessions in major studios like the Hit Factory and Daddy’s House. In summer of 2012, Roger attended NYC’s famed Summer Jam concert where he would meet Atlanta artist Waka Flocka. Roger played some of his tracks for Waka backstage and the rapper was impressed enough to invite Roger to come out with him during his performance. Waka has since appeared on a track with one of Roger’s own artists “Flown,” entitled “Pop It.” The video trailer to that song garnered over 100,000 hits online after being featured on Worldstar Hip-Hop.

Roger w Mase
Roger w French Montana
Roger In The Maybach
Roger BET Awards Red Carpet

As of now Roger continues to work hard and pump out as many beats as possible while networking in elite industry circles. His first “beat tape,” a compilation of original tracks to include Roger’s own hooks entitled: “RBIII: Rookie of the Year” is slated for release in early 2013. While on the come up, Roger also keeps a hand in community work. He has volunteered his time to a non-profit organization in his native Washington, D.C. that takes youth offenders recently released from the juvenile justice system and teaches them how to make beats and record.

1) Is a Video Trailer for the song “Pop It” by American Rappers Flown & Waka Flocka. Waka Flocka is very famous here.

2) Is a Video Trailer for the song “Got It” by American Rapper Flown. Roger makes a cameo in the video.

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