Vivian Nnamani, Miss UN-Nigeria 2015: Uhuru, Kenyatta, my favourite world leader

Vivian-Nnamani-Miss-UN-Nigeria-702x336Vivian Adaeze Nna­mani is a model and winner of the Miss United Nations- Nigeria 2015 Pageant, held recently at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja.

The beauty queen who hails from Iheaka, Nsukka, Enugu State, is a 400-Level student of Theatre Arts and Film Studies at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. In this interview, she talks about her modeling career, her favourites and also makes this interesting revela­tion: “I have been into model­ling and pageantry since my secondary school days. It has been fun all the way but in life there are always challenges, but God has always been with me all the time and I give Him the glory.”

What is your favou­rite food?

I love pounded yam with okra soup, garnished with snails.

Favourite car?

I like Mercedes brands. Any nice car from them will do.

Favourite colour?

Well, most times I choose colours depending on my mood. However, I like sky blue and white.

Favourite outfit?

Anything traditional is my trending fashion and African fabrics are always my choice.

Favourite drink?

My favourite drink is water. I love water so much. Water is life and it is natural.

Favourite books

I love the books of James Hardley Chase.

Favourite world leader?

Uhuru Kenyatta, the presi­dent of Kenya is my endorsed world leader. He is my favou­rite because he is bold, coura­geous and an orator.

Favourite actor/ac­tress?

Honestly, I love actors/ actresses that are realistic in acting. Those that bring in originality into their work. So I would not mention names, you can name those that are real.

Favourite comedian?

I like Bovi. He is so amazing and hilarious. When he cracks a joke even the hardest of hearts laughs.

Favourite musician?

That will always be Celine Dion. I love originality, her songs are always original.

Fashion accessory?

Well I love everything that looks good on me but I am crazy about dresses.

Favourite friend?

My mother is my favourite and best friend. She is a rare gem to me and I love and cher­ish her a lot.

Favourite football club?

I am a Chelsea fan. Chelsea for life!!!

Favourite quote?

It is this one: “Be the best of what you are.”

Favourite hangout spot?

Well, I hangout sparingly but even when I decide to set out, the beach is always my destination. It is always fun to be at the beach.

Favourite holiday spot?

Obudu Cattle Ranch. I just love the spot.

Favourite weather?

I love calm and natural weather.

Favourite sport?

Well, that should be football.

Favourite on-air-per­sonality?

I like Aka-eze-aka.

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