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Old students of Nigeria’s Federal Government Colleges, under the aegis o- Unity Schools Old Students’ Association, USOSA, holds an education summit in Abuja, today, to discuss Education, Good Governance and National Unity.

The one day dialogue will appraise government education policies and is expected to come up with a strategies for a major policy change in the management of education, especially federal government collages.




Use the #USOSA or #SaveEducation to join the conversation on Twitter.


The communique of the summit, the last task of the summit, not ready yet. It will be produced and disseminated “in due course”.

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Chidi Odinkalu, chairman of summit’s planning committee presents the diagnosis and recommendations of the syndicate groups.

Closing session of the summit begins with an address by the chairman House Committee on Education, Amina Suleiman. He was supposed to present a speech at the beginning.

“Ours is to pass laws, implementation is for the executive, but we have our oversight function,” Mr Aminu said in reaction assertions that education reforms must start from the National Assembly.
Strategy sessions have ended and lunch break begins. After lunch, the findings of the three sessions will be presented.
Chinwe Obaji, former minister of education argues that Education reforms should start from applying our laws.

In Edo state, some teachers got First School Leaving Certificate one year before they were born – Education Commissioner

Chike Onuorah – FGC PHC: “The streets are beating us to it. The organised sector must stay focused.”
Lilian Obiechina – FGC Okigwe: she took her daughter to FGC Ijaniki, “I was told I am not Yoruba,”
Syndicate group 3 discussing Education, Human Development and National Competitiveness.




Syndicate Group 2 discussing Education, National Unity and Good Governance
Syndicate strategy sessions are on-going at the USOSA Education Summit in Abuja. We’ll be bringing live updates, pictures and texts of the events as they unfold. Join the discussion on twitter, use the hash-tags #USOSA and #SaveEducation to join in the conversation.

She attended FGGC Gboko without money, paid after graduation. She wants school loans re-introduced.


Three syndicate groups would hold parallel breakout sessions. Group 1 will discuss Education and Public Safety/Security.

It will be co-chaired by Maryam Uwais and Candide Jonhson. The lead speaker is Fatima Akilu.





Group 2 will discuss Education, National Unity and Good Governance.

It will be co-chaired by Usman Bugaje and Chinwe Obaji. Adams Oshiomhole is expected to be the lead speaker.

Group 3 will discuss Education, Human Development and National Competitiveness.

It will be co-chaired by Aisha Oybode and Charles Okeahalam. Frank Nweke Jnr is the lead speaker.


Catching up

“It does not matter how long it takes, the stammerer will surely call his fathers name…
“Nigeria will surely become a great nation,” passionate Senior Oby prayed in the name of Jesus.
Senior Oby Ezekwesili delivers the closing prayer for this session.

The solutions and strategies developed in this summit will be monitored annually for implementation, Senior Albert Okumagba said in his vote of thanks.
The first part of the session is closing. The Sultan of Sokoto, and the former Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, have spoken.

A tea break will follow, and lead into the breakout sessions where the main brainstorming will take place.

Atiku Abubakar is next to speak.

“If unity schools must remain federally owned, we must quickly reverse the trend of its localisation,” — @Atiku
Sultan Abubakar addresses the summit. He is an old boy of Barewa College Zaria. Barewa College is not a Federal Government College, but “Superior”. [An amusing contest of my school is better than yours follows, to lighten the mood]

The Sultan ended his speech by reminding the participants that the Sokoto Caliphate is founded on knowledge.
Driven by a need to get a private room at the university, he networked federal government college alumni in ABU at the time and ran for a student union office on their support.

Makarfi was little known on campus, but he won the election and got the room.

Makarfi narrated that as one of the benefits of attending a federal government college.

“It can come in hand for those with political interest,” he said.

He was applauded. Sen. Makarfi began his speech promising not to make controversial statements.
“Only proper kind of education delivered in appropriate environment will enable us see things in their proper context. This is what will make us unavailable for exploitation by the elite, who after coming to their wits end, withdraw into ethnic, religious, regional or other cocoons and whip up our undeserved sympathies; because when we are adequately enlightened in their ways, we will then be able to ask them the difficult questions,” Ahmed Makarfi.

“Nothing liberates like education… this is because nothing imprisons like ignorance,” — Makarfi.
Sen. Makarfi begins his keynote address, shortly after Nnenna gave a short speech to speech to inspire deep reflections on Nigeria’s education malaise.

Oby Ezekwesili and a member of House of Reps, Nnennai Ukeja – FGC Owerri- are invited to the high table. Nnenna sits beside the Sultan, to his right, sandwiching the Sultan between herself and Atiku Abubakar. But that is apparently an uncomfortable arrangement. She is soon moved to another end of the table. A man takes her place.


Atiku Abubakar has investments covering different levels of Education in Nigeria. He is applauded at the summit.
Atiku Abubakar, former Vice President of Nigeria, and the Sultan of Sokoto, just walked into the summit.

Aisha Osori and Ahmed Akanbi would anchor the event. Aisha starts her shift of a comical note, “If I can’t remember your title, I will call you Senior this, Senior that…”
Nyesom Wike, supervising minister of Education is unable to attend personally. He sent in a representative.
“This dialogue is our own way seeking for inputs in the National search for a generally acceptable way of moving Nigeria forward in our quest for Qualitative/Affordable Education, Good Governance and National Unity.” Nuhu-Koko
Sen. Atiku Bagudu, representing senate committee chairman on Education is invited to the high table, just before USOSA President General, Kabiru Nuhu-Koko delivers his opening speech.
Again, delegates stand to sing the USOSA anthem, praying God to unite members.

“What ever God has joined together, let no man put asunder …”
February 3 1966, the first federal government college was established in Sokoto. The first registered student of that college, Alhaji Jere, is given a special ovation just before the National Anthem is played to officially kick off the summit.
Makarfi is an old boy of Federal Government College, Enugu. He has climbed the high table from where he will deliver his keynote address.
Memories, memories and more. Old mates, some meeting for the first times since they left school exchange pleasantries as the summit begins to shape up. Up to four generation of Nigerians represented at the summit.
Ahmed Makarfi, former governor of Kaduna state, currently a senator, will deliver the key not address at the dialogue. He is here. Former education minister, Oby Ezekwesili, is also attending the dialogue.


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