US Consulate-sponsored youth fellowship programme now accepting applications

U.S. Consul General Hawkins encouraged students to seek out people they admire to serve as mentors in their lives. The CYFI Education Team kicked off their mentorship program with flourish on Saturday morning, leading an event that featured several speakers, including U.S. Consul General Jeff Hawkin.

The Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative (CYFI), a dynamic, youth-based fellowship programme launched in late 2011 by the US Consulate General, Lagos, is now accepting applications for its 2013 programme year, according to a statement from the US Consulate in Lagos.

CYFI is a yearlong programme in which outstanding young Nigerians are selected as fellows and grouped into teams to design and implement a project with a social impact. The US Consulate General, Lagos, provides selected fellows with financial support for their projects, networking opportunities, and a transportation stipend. In addition, fellows meet other like-minded youth and build a closer relationship with the Consulate.

In its inaugural year, 15 CYFI fellows were selected and grouped into five project teams, with projects focusing on education, vocational training, human rights awareness, health, and university volunteerism.

The CYFI board of directors, in conjunction with the Public Affairs Section at the US Consulate General, Lagos, will select fellows who demonstrate exceptional vision, skills and experience. Prospective fellows may apply as individuals or together, as a team of up to three. Application instructions are available at:, and all applications can be completed online.

Prospective fellows should note that there are several steps to the application process, and that incomplete applications will not be accepted. All projects must be held in Lagos. The application deadline is December 15, 2012. Interviews will be held at the Consulate in early January 2013, and the CYFI 2013 will commence in February 2013.

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