UK promises to work with Saraki

Saraki-N-andrew-PocookA major boost and international rec­ognition for the Bukola Saraki Senate Presidency came from the United Kingdom with the visit of the Brit­ish High Commissioner, Dr. Andrew Pocock on Friday.

Pocock led a delegation including Ben Mellor, Head of the Department for In­ternational Development (DFID) to a congratulatory meeting with Saraki and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu yesterday.

Pocock explained that the meeting was two-pronged: To congratulate the Senate President on his emergence and secondly, to pledge sup­port for capacity-building for senators and members of the House of Representa­tives of the Eighth National Assembly.

Said Pocock: “We came for two reasons ( we came to congratulate the new Senate President on his el­evation to the job and to make a commitment to him and to the Nigerian Senate that the British Government and the British High Com­missioner here in Abuja will continue to work very closely with the Senate on a whole range of areas in which we can help.

“We discussed capacity-building for the Senate, both in general terms and also, in areas of particular interest and difficult com­plex pieces of legislation.

“We discussed how we might help with some ideas about the management of the Nigerian economy, ar­eas in which the UK can make a contribution and we briefly discussed some of the security inputs that we might make to help with the stabilisation of the security situation in the North East.

“We agreed that the ba­sic structure of Nigeria’s economy needs to change a bit; that, while the huge potentials here in terms of revenue streams for the government, it is still too dependent on one commod­ity.”


-The Sun

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