Treason: Former NSA Sambo Dasuki may go to court

150122-150122-sambo-dasuki-jsw-jsw-328p-1635_7ee2037ad1fc484b6c15aa5feda56733-702x336Former National Secu­rity Adviser (NSA) in the Jonathan administration, Col Sambo Dasuki (retd), may take a legal action over the invasion by Director­ate of State Security (DSS) on his Abuja and Sokoto homes.

Last Thursday, officers from the DSS stormed Dasuki`s houses, where they searched for intel­ligence report allegedly linking him to treasonable felony.

Explaining the reason behind the search, the DSS said the former NSA was suspected to be involved in a treasonable felony. The DSS stated that items found in Dasuki’s homes point to a plot against the Federal Government.

According to the secu­rity agency, about 12 high caliber riffles, 12 cars, five of which were bullet-proof and other military gears were found in Dasuki’s homes, raising suspicion that he was involved in a treasonable plot.

Also, the DSS said Dasu­ki was not entitled to hav­ing a soldier guarding his homes, having retired as a colonel in the Army.

After searching his homes and taking away the cars and weapons allegedly discovered, the DSS took away Dasuki’s international passport.

A source close to Dasuki said he is still in shock that the DSS did not only invade his houses in the manner it did last Thursday, but also accused him of treasonable felony.

The source revealed that in order to clear his name, Dasuki may head for the court after the public holi­day.

He said the former NSA was pained by the way he was treated, especially the confiscation of his passport, which prevented him from travelling to the United Kingdom, where his sick father is hospitalized.

The source said; ‘Dasuki does not have anything to hide or fear. He wanted to go to the Central Mosque, Abuja for worship last Friday, 24 hours after the search of his homes, but was advised not to go out. His family advised him not to go out, as they were afraid for his life. If secu­rity operatives could invade his house and thereafter ac­cused him of treasonable felony, it means the former NSA is a marked man.

“Dasuki is surprised that his name is being dragged in the mud. He may be going to court to clear his name and seek the enforce­ment of his fundamental rights. In a situation where the security agency is ac­cusing him of such a seri­ous crime as treasonable felony, it’s only the court that can clear him. If he doesn’t do that, the govern­ment may go a step further and clamp him in jail for an allegation, which is hinged only on the alleged discov­ery of bulletproof cars and rifles in his house, when soldiers are guarding his house,’’ he said. -The Sun

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