South Eastern Social Media lobby group debuts, Says No Onitsha Port No votes

No Onitsha No Votes

The South Eastern Social Media Lobby group of Nigeria, a non partisan Lobby group, composed of professionals of eastern Nigeria extraction lists conditions for 2015 Presidential vote from the south east, Onitsha River Port primal.


A Non-partisan lobby group, The South-Eastern Social media Lobby group, lead by Mr Benjamin Amaechi a social media activitist and very popular facebook political commentator have decried the non-activation of the Onitsha Port for economic activities by the federal government, professionals among the group have faulted the federal government commitment to ensure that the Onitsha Port is in use, they reveal that information of awarding the dredging of the River Niger was true but no one for sure can say if this job was executed, the question remains, is the federal government sincere that the River Niger is properly dredged to allow flow of Marine traffic to Onitsha Port? Can it be open for use immediately; will it be concessioned as quickly as possible to vibrate the economic activities in the southeast? These are questions that need answers.


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The South Eastern Social Media Lobby group  (SESMLG) have among other activities initiated moves by members to visit the Port on a fact finding tour, they will also report on the status of construction on the second Niger bridge, they have also encouraged the entire south easterners to vote en-mass for any contestant that will put the Port into use, they pledge to throw their weight behind the president if prior to the 2015 election he will be able to put the Port into use, their visit is scheduled to begin from Next week, they have also encouraged the businesses, businessmen, and entrepreneurs of South-eastern extraction located in the areas with close proximity to Onitsha River Port to make provisions to use the Port so as to activate economic activities of the region, the group have also instructed all Igbo sons and daughters to spread the word that the south eastern states are no  longer a place only to come, get votes and neglect them thereafter.




All professionals of South Easter extraction must be members of this group, members are discouraged to be particularly partisan, but development-focused, especially developments of infrastructure within the development-deprived South eastern Part of Nigeria.

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