Six Million LinkedIn Passwords Leaked Online

The social network for professionals LinkedIn has suffered a computer attack that has managed to grab 6 million LinkedIn passwords. Although the information is encrypted, there have been several people who have managed to decipher simple algorithms forums. A Russian hacker who stole all passwords says he has stolen 6,458,020 encrypted passwords and posted them online.

linkedin passwords leaked Six Million LinkedIn Passwords Leaked Online

Besides LinkedIn passwords and data are also e-mail and if a user uses the same password for LinkedIn in your email would also be a hazard. The service has 150 million users would not be so severe that 6 million passwords are stolen, but the worst of which is a service for professionals, so many people have important information on the social network.

LinkedIn has written on their blog that they are still investigating case about this stolen LinkedIn passwords, also report on the post that people who have suffered the theft will be sent a notice to change your password, which is certainly not open any link sent to them by LinkedIn or to reset your password.

Although LinkedIn is going to inform the people involved, it is always good to make sure and change your password, we take a few minutes and we have reassured ourselves safe.
How to Change LinkedIn Password ?

Here are the simple process to change your LinkedIn account password, follow the steps and make sure you set the strongest password for your account now.

Head over to

Click on your Name in the top right corner and select Settings.
Click Change next to Password.
Type your current password and create a new strong password for you.

change linkedin password Six Million LinkedIn Passwords Leaked Online

That’s it. To get more updates on this LinkedIn passwords leaked news, you can follow LinkedIn on Twitter – @LinkedIn and @LinkedInNews. Anyways LinkedIn apologize on their blog saying “for the inconvenience this has caused our members.” Stay tuned for more details.

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