Popular reggae artiste – Orits Wiliki says he is too old to relocate abroad

Orits Wiliki

Orits Wiliki, is not in any way prepared to join the growing list of Nigerian artistes who relocate abroad to advance their music careers.

He says during an interview with our correspondent that he is contented travelling out of the country to perform at concerts and return home thereafter.

He says, “I am too old to relocate abroad to further my music career. I have started in Nigeria. This is where I can be a king. I cannot be a king in Europe or America. That is why if I go to a place like US for shows I am respected. Many people want to explore and see what they have not seen before.”

The artiste also states that it a good thing to travel round the world as an artiste, adding that when one is satisfied one will be in a better position to advise others who may be willing to do same.

Disclosing that he now combines music with being a television content provider, Wiliki notes that he will not relent in fighting piracy, which he describes as “hampering the progress and creativity of musicians.”

On his opinion about the low profile of reggae in Nigeria lately, the singer, who is also called Coleman Revolutionaire, notes that the genre of music is only evolving.

He states, “Reggae is evolving. I agree that one doesn’t hear the traditional root rock reggae much. But as reggae evolves it comes with different styles for example in hip-hop. One wonders if Bob Marley were alive if he would have been playing the root rock because even before his death, the beat was already changing with the time.”

He nonetheless claims that reggae is the number one music genre in the world.

The musician further says the major challenge confronting the music industry is the lack of good structures and platforms to support and nurture young talents.

He notes that the country has abundant talents waiting to be discovered and promoted.

“Until the structures are put in place, the industry will continue to suffer,” Wiliki says.


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