Popular Nollywood Actor, Pete Eneh is Dead

This very sad news follows the news of Pete Eneh’s leg amputation few weeks ago after an improperly treated infection that doctors said could cost him his life.

According to information gathered, Pete Eneh lost the battle to the infection today at Park Lane Hospital in Enugu.

A call was put through to Actor Guild of Nigeria president Fiberesima Ibinabo who promised to provide more information on Pete Eneh’s death.

Early Reported:

Nollywood Veteran Actor, Pete Eneh reportedly lost one of his legs due to infection in the leg, The veteran actor Pete Eneh lost one of his legs through amputation due to infection in the leg. The news is that the actor, has been admitted in an Enugu hospital, the leg problem has been worrying the actor since last year, Pete Eneh had the injury in his leg.

His cases got worsen when he couldn’t get an appropriate medical attention to take care of the injured leg. Pete Eneh legs infection was caused by leg infection, the Doctor tries to stop the Leg infection from spreading to other parts of his body, both Pete Eneh and the doctor decide that the best solution to the leg infection and stopping the infection from spreading to other parts of the body is to cut the infected leg .

Pete Eneh has been an active Nollywood actor through the past’s years, as at the time of this posting our source has not been able to get in touch with the actor.

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