Policeman forcibly inserted object into my private part

Queen Akindeleni, a property developer is presently struggling for her life three years after being allegedly assaulted by policemen attached to Agbara Division, Ogun State.

In an affidavit which she swore to at the Ogun State High Court, Sango Ota, Queen said trouble started for her on October 12, 2009, when she went to the station to make a report about the threat she had received from the family of one Ayodele Akindeleni.

According to the victim, Ayodele’s whereabouts were not known, and his family threatened to kill her and her two children if she didn’t tell them his whereabouts.

She said she went to the station to report the matter but unknown to her, the family had already complaint about her at the same station.

Queen said she was arrested immediately after reporting the threat to her life.

Her two children, Esther Ighovoyiwi 12, and Charles Ighovoyiwi 14; who came to look for her at the station were also allegedly detained at the station.

The girl, Esther, was allegedly slapped by the policemen till her ears began to discharge pus and was released after few hours in detention.

According to her, Charles was however held for a month and two days without being charged.

Queen said, “The policemen tortured me with cruelty that I must confess that I killed the alleged deceased person (Ayodele). The two policemen who tortured me were, Shadrach and Raphael.”

The victim alleged that Shadrach used a straight heavy metal which looked like window aluminium to beat her repeatedly on the left side of her body, adding that three other policemen joined in the beating.

From the station, according to her account on a popular blog, Ladun Liadi, she was allegedly dragged to the police barrack where she was held in a bathroom and stripped naked.

“Shadrach forced me to the ground, opened my legs and inserted the metal into my vagina. There was an immediate heavy rush of blood from my genitals and I fainted,” Queen said.

Her state notwithstanding, she said she was left unattended to for four days after which a man was brought to examine her and give her drugs.

She was later transferred to the Ogun State Police Headquarters in Abeoukuta, from where she was moved to the Ibara Prison, Abeoukuta, on January 1, 2010 pending advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Several months later, she said the DPP advised that she should be discharged and acquitted for lack of evidence.

She was released from prison on September 2, 2010, a year after she was first detained.

But she has now discovered that she has Vesico-Vaginal fistula.

The symptom of this disease is that she now continuously discharges urine because of the “abnormal openings in the internal parts of my vagina caused by the metal the policeman inserted into my vagina.”

Although Queen and Ayodele share the same surname, their relationship was not explained. Punch

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