Personal Development Immersion, Abuja

GREAT NEWS!!! The #PDI has now been moved to Saturday 13th of April. Now everyone can get the opportunity to attend.

In maintaining global relevance and effectiveness at all levels within your organisation/business in today`s competitive economy, it is absolutely important for you to equip yourself with requisite knowledge and cutting edge tools that will increase your service delivery and enhance your performance at your designated job post which will impact on the overall productivity of the organisation you work with or business you run.

We are delighted to propose to you the LMBsimple Personal Development Immersion Workshop. A one day workshop.

This training is geared towards equipping you with the cutting edge knowledge that will improve your effectiveness at work, help you see how essential you are to the growth of your organisation and foster an excellent service delivery. Beyond that it is also geared to help you develop yourself as a whole being, not just as it regards productivity at work but also in the quality of the relationships you keep with your colleagues and family alike.

Come for #AdoptATweep 4 FREE on the 6th of April 2013 and get up to 75% discount on the @LIMBsimple Personal Development Immersion (#PDI)Workshop)Abuja

We had this training recently. In that training we had members of staff from the National Assembly, Office of the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Center for Peace and Security in Africa (CPASAfrica), Nigeria Communications Satellite LTD (NIGCOMSAT), Havenhill Synergy LTD, and several entrepreneurs.
Here are a few comments from some participants:

The Training has helped me in understanding my personality better.

The Training has helped me with knowledge on how to foster better relationship with my bosses.


The training has helped me learn how to add more value to my subordinates at work.

The training has helped me build a sound personal mission statement.

The Modules of the training include the following;

Module One: Overview of Personal Development

– In this opening module we will talk about the value of a human life, in order for participants to understand the value of their lives and that of others
– Secondly we will talk about the 6 Basic Human needs deduced from learns from both Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs and Anthony Robins Basic Human Needs.
– Then we would move on to help participants determine their personal values, life philosophies and eventually craft their PERSONAL MISSION STATEMENT.

Module Two: Understanding Your Personality

– To expose participants to an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their personality and how it impacts on their work.

– Help participants to fully understand their strengths and weaknesses, how it increases their productivity at work.

– Understanding and relating with different personality types for effective team work.

Module Three: Professional Effectiveness

– In this module, participants will learn about the LIMBsimple’s PSP Coordinate model which would be instrumental in helping them determine if they’re a square peg in a round hole professionally or otherwise and what to do about it.

– Secondly, we would learn important listening skills. It has been proven that many times poor listening skills accounts for majority of poor execution in the corporate environment. The entrepreneur or manager gives an instruction and the job is poorly done because his subordinates didn’t understand the message because he didn’t know how to listen with empathy. We would be taking an exercise on effective listening.

– Then we will discuss the Power of Networking, how who you know amplifies your personal competitiveness in today’s world. We will particularly focus on The PIE model and the Six Degrees of Separation Developed by Stanley Milgram, a Harvard Professor. Which proves that you are a maximum of 6 people away from everyone on earth, yes anyone.

Module Four: Work/Life Balance

Many times we climb up the corporate ladder only to discover we left out some of the most important things and relationships in Ourlives behind.

– In this module we will focus on work/life balance, discussing the Professor Murray’s 7 Laws required to make it in business without losing it in life culled from Rob Parson’s “Heart of Success”.

– We will also redefine what success means to us to include family/relational success as the core and not material possessions.

More so, you get a whooping 75% discount off the corporate price. This is a workshop you can’t afford to miss.
Do have a great week ahead.
DATE- SATURDAY 13th April 2013
TIME- 10am-5pm
Cost- N15,000(this cost is as a result of the 75% discount off corporate price which is 50,000/participant)
VENUE- 164, Ademola Adetunkunbo crescent wuse 2.

Payment should be made to the Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB)
Account Name- LIMBsimple Company
Account No – 0119196112

All email enquiries can be directed to

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Ezekiel Solesi

Ezekiel Solesi is the CEO of LIMBsimple a company which means Life, Investing, Money and Business made simple. He hosts the monthly LIMBsimple's Enterprise Development Conference (#EDCAbuja) at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja in partnership with the Abuja Literary Society (ALS). The Author of The Game of Money, a trainer on issues bothering on entrepreneurship, personal and business effectiveness, customer service etc. with a reputable clientele which includes NGOs, foremost Banks and other corporate organizations.

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