Nyanya Bombing: Police Deny Prosecuting Suspect

nyanya_bombing_suspectNigeria Police High Command has described recent media reports that it mishandled the prosecution of Nyanya bombing suspect, Aminu Ogwuche.

A Federal High Court in Abuja had earlier in the week struck out the case against the suspect for lack of diligent prosecution by the police. The police however said on Thursday that it was not in charge of prosecution of the terror suspect.

According to a statement signed by police spokesperson, Emmanuel Ojukwu, the police said the Department of State Security (DSS), had intelligence on the Nyanya Bombing and was investigating it. Police involvement came after the DSS made a formal request for Police assistance in extraditing of Ogwuche to Nigeria from Sudan, the statement said.

“The filing of charges against the suspect is a legal procedure to enable the Nigeria Police formally request the Sudanese authorities to grant Nigeria’s extradition request in respect of the suspected fugitive.

“For the records, copy of filed charge(s) against a fugitive must be appended to documents in support of extradition request made to the host country, which in this case, is Sudan.

“These facts were made known to the court when it insisted on the production of the accused even before his extradition to Nigeria,” Police said in the statement.

“For the record, at no time did the Nigeria Police arraign the suspect in court for terrorism related offences.

“Moreover, the purported prosecution/arraignment by the Police could not have happened as the Police could not prosecute a suspect it never arrested, never investigated nor had in its custody.

“It is therefore grossly erroneous, mischievous and malicious to impute lack of diligent prosecution to the Police.

“The Nigeria Police Force is manifestly and positively committed to the will of Nigerians to rid the nation of violent crimes like terrorism. Many of our officers have paid the supreme sacrifice on account of this.

“The Police while respecting the rights of the media to publish, however appeals that due diligent check be observed to ensure that misleading information is not disseminated to the reading public,” the Police concluded.

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