Nollywood actress, Carol Okeke: I like being noticed at events

Carol-Okeke-702x336Recently, veteran actress cum business­woman, Carol Okeke explained why she took a break from the screen and why she’s now fully back.

“The first time I came up was in 1992 and for a while, I was sick. But I am back fully now. I do business at present. I run a bou­tique in Surulere and I am again avail­able for Nollywood jobs”, she said. In this encounter, Okeke also shares her favourites. Excerpts:

What’s your favourite food?

Everybody knows my favourite food. It’s pounded yam with ofe nsala , chicken and fresh fish. Ofe nsala is a special native soup in Igbo land.

Favourite drink?

Do I have any favourite drink? I used to like scotch on the rocks and a little whiskey, but I stopped drinking, be­cause of illness . You know I was sick for a very long time.

Favourite outfit?

I dress wild. I like wild and shouting outfits that make me stand out at any occasion. I like standing out and being no­ticed at any occasion.

Favourite musician?

Hey, everybody knows that in Nigeria, it’s P-Square. I love ev­erything about P-Square i.e their music, dressing and everything about them.

Favourite TV personality?

In America, it’s Arnold Schwar­zenegger. He is my favourite actor and I love him a lot.

Favourite car?

It’s the Toyota Highlander and that’s what I drive. I also like any other good car.

Favourite hang-out spot?

I love a quiet life, but I like going to the cinemas to watch movies too.

Favourite world leader?

I love Ibrahim Babangida a lot. People don’t like him but I like him, and I also like President Muhammadu Bu­hari. He is a no-nonsense man. When he was Head of State sometime ago, he made this country a very clean country. Lagos used to be a very dirty state and by the time this man came then, you saw what he did. Even if you had trash in your hands, you wouldn’t like to throw it on the floor and that was his legacy.

Fashion gadget?

I love jewelry a lot and even perfumes. I just love good things.

Favourite weather?

This is the type of weather I like – not cold, not hot. It has to be in between.

Favourite soccer team?

I am not really a sports person now, although I used to like sports when David Beckham was in Manchester Unit­ed. I would say I love Manchester United and coming back to Nigeria, I would say my hero remains Finidi George. I don’t know where he is now, but he remains my man. I would also say I love Didier Drogba.

Favourite comedian?

That’s Omo Baba. I love him a lot.

Favourite quote?

I have a couple of quotes I love to recite. Among them is “One good turns deserves another”, “A friend in need is a friend in deed” and “What goes around comes around”.

Favourite colour?

Actually, I like a couple of colours, but I like yellow the most. Let me say yellow is my favourite colour.

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