No one will build Nigeria for us except we Nigerians – Daniel Nwodi

Daniel Chinedu Nwodi, is another young Nigerian who is taking the message of change from Nigeria to Republic of Benin where he recently organized the World Youth Summit under the platform of Students without Borders that he established.

His work has also taken him to the United Arab Emirates where he spoke at an international meeting. Daniel tells us how it all started and what motivates him to serve humanity from Asaba, Delta State.

My upbringing
I was born on 28th November, 1981. I attended Aanu Oluwapo Primary school at Oke Odo, Alimosho, Lagos where I got my first school leaving certificate.

I went on to State High School, Oyewole, Agege, Lagos where I completed my secondary education. I studied French Language at Beninese Centre for Foreign Language under the University of Abomey Calavi, Benin.

I graduated from University of Abomey Calavi, Republic of Benin where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English Literary Studies. From the same university, I obtained a diploma in journalism at Radio Univers.

I did my one year internship with the campus radio station and moved my career in journalism to National Radio Station called Atlantic Fm in Republic of Benin as a presenter and a reporter.

I had the privilege to serve as Public Relations Officer for the Nigerian Student’s Association in 2007 and President of Nigerian Youth Association in Republic of Benin 2009.

In 2006, I initiated and founded an NGO registered in Republic of Benin called ETUDIANTS SANS FRONTIERES INTERNATIONAL meaning STUDENTS WITHOUT BORDERS INTERNATIONAL because of my service to humanity.

I have gone through various training programmes with the LEAP Africa integrity Institute, Rotary, Junior Chamber International, National Youth Service Corps, National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (Regional Training on Drugs and its Consequence), International Youth Fellowship (World Congress), Pan African Students Summit, Global Issue Network Conference etc.

I have also attended lots of international and local Conferences, Workshops and Seminars for personal development. I have been awarded in my pursuit of service to humanity. Some of them include:

– Rotary Youth Leadership Award, District 9110, Nigeria 2005
– National Association of Nigerian Students, Lagos Axis (Africa Patriot) 2007
– Future Nigeria Awards (One of the 160 Best Nigeria Youth) 2010
– Houdegbe North American University, (MASCOT AWARD) Most Outstanding Nigerian Youth in Republic of Benin. 2010
– NYSC – Badagry, Lagos “The most active Corp member” 2011”.

World Youth Summit in Cotonou
It is part of our program that we organize an event to mark the world youth day which comes up on 12th August every year. This year’s is remarkable because it goes along with World Peace Day which was on 21st September, 2012.

The World Youth Summit was held at Codiam in Cotonou on 22nd September, 2012. The theme was: Re-awakening of the African Youths.

The summit attempted to serve as an effective platform to give participants the understanding, knowledge and skills to involve all relevant principles for responsibility of Re-Awakening of the African youths

I choose Cotonou as the venue because that is where I started my volunteer work and I saw an opportunity to take the Nigerian students across the border. We believe that tourism is an avenue of education.

What makes you thick as an individual?
Well! I will say God because He is the one that put the passion in me to talk to young people about their mindset and re-orientation especially in Nigeria and beyond. Most youth talk down on Nigeria and they have forgotten that no one will build Nigeria for us expect we Nigerians.

This can be done through our positive words and actions. An average American will wake up and say God bless America. How many Nigerians do say God bless Nigeria. Other things are enthusiasm I have for my work in journalism. I believe anything worth doing is worth doing well.


The Genesis and impact of Students without Borders international
My organization started when I was in French school, at the end of the session we are meant to have an end of the session party. My fellow students approached me and said they want me to be part of it.

I suggested that it should be done with a remarkable legacy. We had eleven nationalities in my class so the word “students without borders” because we had a woman who was from Europe and her husband was the representative for Doctors without borders.

Students without Borders International is a non-political, non-governmental and non-profit organization that advocates youth leadership skills; tourism as an avenue of education, promoting ethical standards and striving to create positive change in the society by providing our members the opportunity to be united.

Our focal areas include:
International trips, Youth Leadership Programme, Anti – Corruption Campaign, Human Rights Education, Drug Free Society, MDGs Awareness Creation and Agriculture for the Youth.

I was in Dubai last February precisely Abu Dhabi at American Community School, Abu Dhabi for a conference called GIN conference (Global Issue Network). I was the only Nigerian as a presenter.

We were six presenters from different parts of the world. One from Ghana, One from Canada, three from USA. It was a great experience because that was first time of leaving Africa. I did my workshop on Human Right Education. It was a boy I met in Ghana during the Pan African students Summit 2011 that recommended me to the school and that is how I got to Abu Dhabi.

The experience was immense because I leant a lot even as a presenter. Participants came from several countries across the globe especially from the Arab countries like Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordon etc. students also came from part of Europe and America.

Project Friendship International (PFI)
PFI making a wave of change through various programmes. Recently, it showed its patriotism through the leadership of Pastor Emmanuel Alao at Nigeria 52 Independence Day celebration and has been teaching young people life skills and entrepreneurial skills.

My pieces of advice for Nigerian Youths
Believe in yourself. Discover yourself very well. Look for what you have passion doing because what you do today will surely speak for you tomorrow. Stay out of drug and let start building the Nigeria we want to see. Corruption is not a way of life; it is just a mindset that can be corrected.


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