Nigerian artiste, Goldie visits Prezzo in Kenya

Veteran foxes like Baroka in Wole Soyinka’s Lion and the Jewel says one of the best answers a man wooing a woman can first get from her is a ‘No’. Reason: almost all the time, it ends up being a ‘Yes’.

Imagine the case of Goldie, Nigerian artiste for whom Kenyan singer, Prezzo, came a few weeks ago. After having a turbulent time in the Big Brother House, with the guy declining Goldies’ love moves, Prezzo later launched a hot search for her. She refused to see him throughout the period he longed for her in Nigeria.

But if emerging information is not a publicity trick that some people have read into the game, Goldie may have fallen in love with Prezzo again. According to a report, she has even visited him in Kenya. What is not yet clear is what happened in front of and behind the door.

by Jayne Augoye

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