NFF: We can’t access FIFA World Cup grant now

nff-world-cup-fundThe Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has admitted that though the World Cup grants had been paid into the NFF account in Zurich, they were yet to formally write to activate the collection of the fund. NFF General Secretary Barrister Musa Amadu disclosed that accessing the fund might be possible when normalcy returns to the Glass House.

His words: “Let me make something very clear especially where we tend to get things wrong. I have explained by giving an analogy that FIFA is like a bank for the over 200 affiliated associations. Every member of national association have account with FIFA that could either be in debit or credit where all transactions are reconciled.

“The FIFA price money has been paid into that NFF account, but we have not accessed the money. When we access it, we will distribute the money especially the money Federal government gave us to offset the payment of the players and the rest of the money will be used judiciously for the programmes of the NFF. “On how soon we can take delivery of the money, I want to say that it is available on our request.

It is not for the General Secretary to say when we will get it. I have explained everything about this money,” he noted. On the protracted Addidas deal, he stressed that at the expiration of the sponsorship deal on December 31, the NFF would secure a technical kits sponsor for the various national teams.

“The truth is that the Addidas contract comes to an end on December 31 2014. We are working on getting one and

what it means is that we don’t have a time frame. As much as possible we will try and get a technical kits sponsor for our various national teams.

That is always the case when we face transition period like this ,but I am very confident that we will get a kit sponsor,” he assured.

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