Naomi Campbell Receding Hair Line After Years Of Extensions

Photos Courtesy: Xclusivepix

Super Model Naomi Campbell took to the waters of Ibiza in a gorgeous coral and baby blue two piece bikini. Little did she know after taking her dip into the ocean the waves would get the better of her and reveal her receding hairline.

Naomi has been wearing wigs and weaves since she enter the modeling business and after years of sew-ins, clip ons, and wig removal her hairline had to endure the most suffering.

She may be plague by the hair condition called Alopecia. It is the loss of hair on the head or body due to hairstyling and or chemical conditioning.

Naomi doesn’t seem phase by it when photos of her damage hairline appears in the press.

Hopefully she’s doing something about her hair and not just just walking away. That is if she could do anything about it.

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