Naira Mastercard Scam websites shared on Facebook and Twitter

A friend email me this weblink on facebook asking me to check it, he claimed he bought “HCG TRIM” an extremely effective, clinically proven, rapid, and permanent fat loss supplement. and it really helped him slim down.

But as a web developer i noticed that it was a poorly designed website and most features on the site were not working well, like…

* Most pages and links on the site are static

* The site could be a clone of the real website

* We ship to Nigeria! keep blinking on the index page.

* The site links to www.HCGTRIMSUMMEROFFER.COM also which means its not also a real site.

* The Comment Section of the site was static and edited

* It does not use any payment gateway to accept credit card payments or even paypal as a US company.

* To end it all: Some minutes ago my facebook friend updated his status saying “I did not send anything on weight watching o.” that means his account was probably *Hacked* and they are mailing all his friends one by one to visit the site.

* The alexa ranks of the site are 13,611,470 and 19,461,063.

* Facebook like page was not real and static also was registered on 2012-08-29 just 7days ago


Olga Golubeva
ul. Pushkina 98 56
Barnaul, 656000

DOMAIN: www.HCGTRIMSUMMEROFFER.COM was registered on 23-Jun-2012

Topi Meriluoto
Topi Meriluoto
Suensaarenkatu 27
Tel. +358.0421600927



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