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Adasound-oritsefemi-702x336At last, Kejo Queen, Adasouds (Ofor Stephanie Adaeze), the sexy bombshell reported to have broken Oritsefemi’s relationship with his ex, Blessing Rawa, and stolen his heart, has opened up on her relationship with the singer. In this chat with Entertainer, Adasounds also talks career among other interesting issues.



Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m popularly called Adasounds or Kejo Queen. I hail from Enugu State and I had a normal childhood. I’ve spent most of my life in the East, travelled outside the country and now I’m in Lagos.

What did you study in school?
I did Social Works and then Political Science at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN).

Why did you dump your degree for music?
Well, music for me is just a hobby; I just have passion for it. It’s not about what you studied in school. It’s about what you have passion for. Back in school I had a lot of friends who studied Theatre Arts but are nowhere in movies or even stage plays. Ironically, majority of those acting did not even study Theatre Arts at all.

What was your parents’ reaction after you dumped your degree for music?
Funny enough they were okay with the whole thing. My father, may God rest his soul, would have loved who I have become because he used to sing. My mom on the other hand is so cool with it but her wish is that I dump secular music for gospel music. Music started for me officially towards the tail end of 2013.

What inspires your songs?
Everything, it could be works of art and emotions. It could be a story, an event, my moods or people and their experiences. Sometimes I get inspiration listening to beats while mixing.

As an up-and-coming unsigned female artiste, what challenges are you facing?
As an unsigned artiste, the major challenge I face is funding because I have to pay for the services rendered and you know, it is quite capital intensive.

Stories of music producers taking advantage of up-and-coming female artistes are rife? What is your experience?
(Laughter) These things happen everywhere. You have it in the banking sector, media, movie industry and what have you, so it is not just an entertainment industry issue. I have not experienced any form of molestation probably because they were paid for services rendered.

Who are your role models?
I’d rather say people I appreciate. They include Onyeka Owenu, Felix Liberty, Tony Braxton and Whitney Houston. And lately Flavour, Cynthia Morgan, Yemi Alade and Omawunmi. However, there is one other person that I look up to so much. I recorded a track with him and that person is Musical Taliban, Oritsefemi.



Reports that you are dating Oritsefemi recently went viral, are you guys really dating?
Wow! That’s crazy. When I heard it I was shocked! Can’t two people of the opposite sex be friends without any strings attached?


The straight answer is that I cannot possibly be in any relationship with Oritsefemi because I’m in a very healthy relationship with an Australian sailor who cares for me and is always there for me and visits me from time to time. What more could a woman ask for?


Oritsefemi is a nice guy who has supported my career a great deal. I see him as an elder brother. In fact, every day I live I say a big thank you to him because he opened my eyes to a lot of things in the industry. There was a part in the reports that said he offered me a record deal. Yes he did but we never concluded. I told him that we should finish the collaboration we were doing first but somehow we never discussed it again.

But we saw pictures of the both of you locked in a romantic embrace?
(Laughter) Those pictures were meant for the promotional art work of the song we did together. However I lost the phone; probably it was stolen. They must have gotten their hands on the pictures and just decided to spread them. I also lost some other vital things and I reported it formally.

But the reports say you moved into his home and sent his ex packing?
Let me say that it was quite unfortunate. He had already had the media storm with his girlfriend which wasn’t any of my business when this happened. I wasn’t there when it started so how could I be the reason for their breakup? Besides, I’m not dating him? Mark my words, I could not be in any form of relationship with Oritsefemi when I have a healthy relationship!

What do you have to say to those who take delight in spreading rumors?
Eku igbadun (laughter). I can’t ask or tell them to stop so they should have fun spreading whatever it is they want to spread.

Who is your ideal man?
My ideal man has to be handsome, have respect for ladies, have good manners and must be comfortable to take care of extra mouths make hunger no go kill us (laughter). My Australian lover meets all this criteria. -The Sun


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