It is hard to ignore Nollywood actress and singer, Cossy Orjiakor

The voluptuous actress, who embraced controversy with her half nude performances in Fuji artiste Obesere’s, music video, Apple Juice, seems to easily forget just how hard it is for some men to ignore her.

Bored and feeling ‘a little mischievous’, the actress made some of her 9,663 Twitter fans pay for her ‘memory lapse’ by tweeting explicit pictures of herself and asking them not to get carried away.

“Make me your attendant tonight. I will gladly play my roles,” she tweeted along with the pictures which showed a generous view of her ample bosoms and backside.

Probably taking her tweet seriously, it wasn’t long before some men reached out to her, offering her ‘crazy’ roles, in their attempts to make their fantasies of her a reality. And “mischievous” Cossy had to get back on Twitter to demand respect for her privacy.

She tweeted, “That I follow you does not mean I am sexually attracted to you. So, if you DM (Direct Message) me about how good you are in handling boobs, I will block you. #warning.”

But this is not the first time Cossy has been forced to ask fans to respect her privacy on the social networks. The actress, who started acting around 2000, had sometime last year taken to Facebook to warn some women to keep their husbands away from her.

“Wives, please hold your husbands. If you are married to, or you’re a girlfriend to Oyi Vitus Obunike or Oraniaka Patrick, please tell these old men to leave me alone. If you are not satisfying them sexually then go for some training. My inbox is filled with their messages. Now they are turning nasty. It’s not by force. Get a life, I’m living mine, delete yourselves or let me be,” her damning posts read.

Despite hardly ever featuring in movies of late, the tiny-voiced actress who released a suggestive video titled, You Want Me, last year, has managed to stay in the public consciousness by coming up with different controversies and stunts on Twitter, Facebook and on the pages of newspaper, on a regular basis.

Petite Orjiakor, who launched a career in Nollywood around 2000, appears to have a penchant for suggestive roles. However, her appearance in the movie, Itohan, released in 2009, caused a stir. In the film, Cossy allegedly had sex with a dog in a scene which apparently did not go down well with the public.

In defence, she said the film was produced by Chico Ejiro in 2002 and that she was a victim of blackmail and only posed with a dog in a make- believe scene.

“Even if I am offered one billion dollars to pose nude, I would think twice about it, not to talk of sleeping with a dog,” she said.

Despite the bad press and negative publicity, the actress can be likened to an open book. She has shared pictures of her parents and tastefully furnished apartment in Lekki on Twitter, declared that she was sex-starved and parted ways with her boyfriend after he failed to buy her a Range Rover sport car.

With most of these controversies or alleged attempts to invade her privacy starting as a result of her raunchy posts or self-uploaded pictures, one is tempted to wonder how long it would take for our dear Cossy to realise that it is hard to violate your own privacy and demand respect for your privacy.


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