Inspiration is greater than skill

20121220-220945.jpgThey had a terrible season, they weren’t at the top four in their local league( the English premiership league) and were at the brink of being kicked out of the Champions league, one league no one tip them to go any further than they had reached. This was going to be their worse season yet. No trophy to decorate their cabinet but most embarrassing was the fact that they would have to go to a lesser continental league next year.

Then the Russian billionaire did something we’ve all come to know him for. He fired his coach and got in Di Mateo just to manage the damage till he finds time to shop for an “A” list coach who could give him what he’s desperately longed for years. Suddenly things changed. For some seeming inexplicable reasons they started to win again, coming back from a 3 nil defeat to qualify for the next round and after beating some of the worlds greatest and most skilled teams emerged champions of Europe for the first time in their history.
Then came the next year and they made history again, this time as the first champions to get kicked out at group stage.

So why did they win the champions league even though it seemed they were not skilled enough(at least not as skilled as some teams they eliminated) to win the trophy?

In my analysis, I think the key word was inspiration.
I believe inspiration is greater than skill.
The problem with skill is that if you can learn it, you’re not the only one that knows it so it’s really not that special, so you’ll at best do just a little above average. however if you add inspiration to it you could achieve the extraordinary.
For it to be skill, it must be learnt.
For it to be learnt, it must be taught.

For it to be taught, at least someone else must have knowledge of it.
That’s why I believe that operation even at your highest level of skill alone would at best just take you a little above the average.
I believe Inspiration gives your skills am amplified ability.
People say genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I believe they’re correct. However I believe inspiration is that 1% activity that makes the other 99% perspiration worth everything.

The dictionary ( defines inspiration as “Stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity”. Being inspired helps you to access your innate abilities. It’s been said that humans have only being able to consciously use only about 5% of their brain capacity. However being inspired helps stimulates your mind so for that moment you access that alpha state that enables you do unbelievable things. We all have had such times as writers, designers, entrepreneurs when we did somethings with little efforts but were amazed at the results we got.

At such points our skills were amplified because we were inspired.
Now do believe skills are irrelevant because I believe inspiration is greater than skills? Not at all. I said earlier that inspiration amplifies your skills. So for example, if inspiration carries a constant 10factor and you have a level 3 skill then being inspired hives you a multiplied level 30 productivity. Now what if you have a level 8 skill, how about a level 10 skill? Skills are important, but being inspired is more important.So how do you get inspired?

Most of us have gotten inspired at one time or the other in our lives. All we have to do is track our feelings to know what inspires us. For some it’s music(a certain tyke of music), for some it’s reading about the lives of great people, for some others it’s just watching the sun set but whatever it is you must track it and by all means find a way to recreate that environment where you’re constantly inspired. Because in that inspired state, everything you do would be nothing short of a miracle.

So with their current form can we say Chelsea is back to their inspiration zone?

You tell me.

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Ezekiel Solesi

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