Independence Day Dress code: Green and white

Yippeee! It’s Independence day again. It’s another reason to celebrate and flaunt your stuff. We need to start off by dressing appropriately for the d-day. You should bear in mind that the appearance you are creating is not only about looking fabulous but also about being patriotic. You really have to drum it to others that this is October first, and wearing green and white is the only best option. There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to stylish dresses for Independence, but this is the right time to stay classy, sassy and really patriotic, too. Happy Independence Day!

Daytime causal beach day

We all know the beach will be filled with fun lovers, and if you are thinking of doing the same, then get a super laid back look. To create this outfit, get a green tank and white shorts. Accessorize with simple sandals or flats and a stripped beach bag for a coordinated look. You can go for the kill with green and white bangles, too.

Day time outfit

This can be described as a street style and also laid back that is perfect for picnics, family outings and what have you. You can get a T-shirt in either green or white colours, or preferably a stripped green and white tee and then pair with jeans. An oversized T-shirt will be perfect for this too, so you can tie it into a knot and pair it with canvas.

Night out modern

This trendy outfit is sleek and modern. It is most suitable when you want to paint the town green. You can start with the off moment green skinny jeans with an embellished white blouse and studded green loafers or pumps. Once you open the door, you will sparkle like fireworks, especially when you add a bold statement silver necklace.

Night out classic

You are thinking of a dinner with someone special, or going for a formal event? Then, the classy look will do the trick. You can come out bold in a green dress that reflects the national flag. Bring on a silver or white pumps or stilettos. Or, it can be the other way round, a white dress and green shoes. Finish the look with silver earrings and an adorable but subtle bangle.


Every day you wake up to the same old routine of looking good and wearing the same old stuffs. But, for a change, spice up your look with green eyeliner and eye shadow to project your glamorous face. You can add a little sparkle by adding silver glitters on your brow or cheeks. And if you have the guts, go get a green lipstick; it’s the best way to celebrate.


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