Improving Nigeria’s Corporate Culture

In the last four months I’ve unusually delved into mainstream corporate Nigeria. Not like I hadn’t been so involved in training corporate organisations prior to this time, but with strategic partnerships the Institute of Management Specialists, UK and several other high profile corporate duties the last four months have been especially unusual for me.
Possibly because I’ve had to put a hold on the LIMBsimple flagship monthly #EDCAbuja and have particularly stayed away from almost all social media platforms(due to being EXTREMELY busy).
Having ran week-in, week-out trainings for organisations I have come to appreciate the fact that Nigeria is really changing. I’ve come to see how all the work I’ve been doing in the entrepreneurial space around the country is making and could further make this country and perhaps Africa a better place.
Why do I say this?
I believe as Nigeria and indeed Africa tends more to be entrepreneurial and grow more privately owned business enterprises, the need to stay competitive would drive them into developing the capacity of their staff, particularly as it concerns imparting soft skills. These soft skills, aimed at helping them improve service delivery subliminally also helps them improve the quality of their own lives. Over the years and particularly in the last few months I have watched management staffs at all levels of various organisations express how their lives as a whole have become better by our work and I have had sessions with CEOs and EDs of our client organisations express how their lives and that of their staffs have been enriched.
It simply enforces my believe that if people knew better they would act better and that they would know better when we make it simple and communicate these simple truths consistently.
So why did I write all this jargons? Well, aside from my effort in trying to explain what I’ve been up to in the past few months that have seemingly kept me out of public(online I meant to say) eye for the past few months. I really wanted to encourage those of us doing some form of good in our own corner, I’ve seen how what we do affect lives. Certainly seen how mine affects lives, whether its from the #EDCAbuja’s days in Transcorp, Hawthorn or wherever next we are going(#EDCAbuja to set to resume next year) or its with my work with top organisations, I have seen the change brewing up in different corners of our nation. Someday it would lead to a REVOLUTION. But it wouldn’t be a revolution of stones and sticks like most people would expect, I believe it would be a thought revolution that would lead every man to lead a better life for a better nation and maybe perhaps a better world.

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Ezekiel Solesi

Ezekiel Solesi is the CEO of LIMBsimple a company which means Life, Investing, Money and Business made simple. He hosts the monthly LIMBsimple's Enterprise Development Conference (#EDCAbuja) at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja in partnership with the Abuja Literary Society (ALS). The Author of The Game of Money, a trainer on issues bothering on entrepreneurship, personal and business effectiveness, customer service etc. with a reputable clientele which includes NGOs, foremost Banks and other corporate organizations.

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