Ibadan Ritualists: Vulnerable Women Are The Target

Ibadan-Ritualists-NigeriaThe indescribable shock and pains the ancient city of Ibadan experienced is still too fresh for us to record yet another ritualists perpetrators again. However, in the early hours of on Sunday, in Oke-Ado area of Ibadan Oyo State, the frantic efforts made by a man to kidnap a 75-year-old hunched back woman was foiled.


Osundefender newsmen learnt that the alleged kidnapper approached the old woman as was preparing for church service in the presence of her grandson, asking her to follow him. The woman was already moving when the grandson started shouted, “where are you taking my grandma to…”


This drew the attention of neighbours and area boys as the angry and frustrated kidnapper was already spraying a perfume-like substance on the old woman.

However, The alleged kidnapper who tried to escape was captured, beaten and threatened to be killed by area boys who seem to be waiting for such kind of situations.


Was it not for the intervention of the police force, he might have been killed outright.He is now undergoing further investigation by the police force.

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