I Remembered the Future

Seating on a rocking chair I started to remember the future.I use the word remember because I’ve been there so many times by way of the cheapest and most reliable time machine known to man.As I clearly remembered, it was the 8th of April 2052 and I was at the airport, just coming in from Brazil where I went to consult with their President on strengthening their already booming economy. Brazil was the Fifth Largest economy in the world with a GDP (PPP): $11.58 trillion just after India(GDP (PPP): $85.97 trillion), China(GDP (PPP): $80.02 trillion), USA(GDP (PPP): $39.07 trillion) and Indonesia(GDP (PPP): $13.93 trillion) in descending order and Brazil was positioned Just before the Sixth Largest Economy in the world, NIGERIA, with a GDP (PPP): $9.51 trillion. After which comes Russia, Mexico, Japan and Egypt. At that time crude oil was no longer as much a global commodity so it only accounted for 7.5% of our GDP.

The consultation in Brazil amongst many things involved how I could be instrumental to helping their already booming economy attract some of our Nigerian Business moguls to come put in some huge investments in their country.
As I remember correctly we were just a few days to our election here in Nigeria and we had already watched two rounds of the Presidential debates and were expecting the last Showdown tonight. The issues of tonight’s debate was on Security of African States. At that time as it has always been, Nigeria was the BIG brother of Africa so whoever would become president of this great nation had to have not just a plan for Nigeria’s peaceful coexistence but a plan also for Africa’s security.As I drove off the airport all I could see were sky scrappers. It was said that we had about Five thousand two hundred sky scrappers in Lagos. Comparable only to the number in New York and Shangai. At that time, I remember 2012 when I was still a young man, leaving the airport was rattled with “Go-Slow” traffics, run-down buildings and terrible roads. Then I thought to myself, ‘who would have thought Nigeria would be this developed. Right in the middle of that thought I snapped and was back to my rocking chair. Back to real time or reality as we would know to call it.
Back in my chair and surrounded by the scary pictures of reality around me I asked myself, ‘Would this ever happen?’Then it hit me, I got this pictures from my memory so technically, it has already happened.Then I realised my question should rather sound a lot more like the question a young hebrew lady asked some 2046 years ago.

How can these things be?
With the right questions always comes the right answers. So by asking the right question, thoughts on possible ways started to flood my mind.
Here are a few of them;To get there we need:- A proper knowledge of the value of a human life.- Entrepreneurs, lots of entrepreneurs- Activists, lots of them- Politicians, the ones with integrity.
But above all we need people who would dream and spend all their lives striving to bring that dream to pass. Their dreams might vary from building a fortune 500 business to taking street children back to school, from becoming a fierce political activist to advocating for a better Eco-system. Whatever their dream is, they MUST achieve it.Then and only then will these things be. They will be because we, all of us will BE.
By the way, the machine was my imagination. You see, it’s said that the mind can’t really tell the difference between what’s been imagined from what has been experienced. To our mind, they are one and the same.(however, the statistics used are real figures from Citi research on the top 10 economies by 2050)

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Ezekiel Solesi

Ezekiel Solesi is the CEO of LIMBsimple a company which means Life, Investing, Money and Business made simple. He hosts the monthly LIMBsimple's Enterprise Development Conference (#EDCAbuja) at the Transcorp Hilton Abuja in partnership with the Abuja Literary Society (ALS). The Author of The Game of Money, a trainer on issues bothering on entrepreneurship, personal and business effectiveness, customer service etc. with a reputable clientele which includes NGOs, foremost Banks and other corporate organizations.

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