I Am Yoruba To The Core – Olusola Desmond Elliot

imageDesmond Elliot Says He Deliberately Omitted “Olusola” From His Known Names Because He Wanted To Remain Neutral Until Now As He Vies For Political Seat Under APC In Lagos

His words:“In the interviews that I have done, I have never denied that I am Yoruba, I always mentioned my names. People have always guessed where I come from and I left it open because truthfully I am a Nigerian. I am a Yoruba man and I would never deny other tribes that I have come in contact with. I am Yoruba by birth, I schooled in the North, I married someone from the South and my mother is from Delta State.

“I am from Olowogbowo in Lagos Island; it is not something that is hidden. I tell people that say I don’t identify with the Yoruba race that I do so because I have done several Yoruba movies. At what point did the name become an issue, have I not been a worthy citizen of Lagos State?

“Where I grew up in Surulere they know me by the name Shola and that is what they call me. I use Desmond Elliot which is my first and last name for my profession basically because I wanted to remain neutral, you could not tell where I come from. It is not because I am ashamed of where I come from. If I was, I would not be involved in Yoruba films or any Yoruba events neither will my kids have Yoruba names.

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