Husband Tells Court That His Wife Is A Drunk!

A 40-year-old man, Simpa Okomagi, recently pleaded with an Agege Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve his marriage of 11 years.

The father of two accused his wife, Margaret, of being irresponsible, disobedient and stealing properties in the home to satisfy her needs.

He claimed that his wife drinks a lot and often comes home drunk and due to that, the marriage has to be dissolved.

“I am pleading for this divorce due to my wife’s irresponsibility to her two children and her habit of always coming home drunk.

“My first child is a girl and she is four years old. The other one is a boy and he is four months old. My wife knows the situation of the second born, yet, she wouldn’t come back home early to cater for him.

“I have given her money many times to start her own business, but at the end of the day, she cannot boast of one good thing the money was used for. Most of the time she takes valuables from the house to sell, then comes back drunk at night.

“The last straw was when she lied to me that she was taking the children for their end of the year’s party, which she didn’t do. Instead, she took them to her mother’s place in Badagry to stay.

“On getting there to ask for my children, her mother came out with a cutlass and threatened me not to enter the house. I am fed up.”

Margaret didn’t refute the allegations levelled against her.

She said, “Three days after our wedding, his mother started complaining about me. Anytime my husband wants to do something or buy something for me, his mother would complain about it. There is nothing I do that is right before his mother. I packed out of his house in July 2012.”

The president of the court, Mr. Emmanuel Sokunle, advised the couple to reconcile before he adjourned the case till Sept. 4.

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