How to Launch and Promote A Product Using Social Media

Launching a product using social media provides multi-media rich global platforms that makes it easy for each social network community to share the message and let other people know about your brand.

Promoting, marketing and launching any product globally was usually left to multi-nationals with big budgets and access to prime time TV and other expensive mass media and to be effective required multi-million dollar budgets.

1. Facebook

The Facebook fan page was built specifically for the book and its main aim was to provide a community site on the largest social networking community on the planet that would engage and then share. To build up the fan base that provided critical mass to share an incentive to “like” the page was achieved by giving away a free book.

Primary Goal

To make it easy for his book reviewers to obtain information and images necessary to review the book.

2. Website and Blog

He realized after 2 months that Facebook was great but limited and needed a site he owned that was not restricted to the whims and restrictions of the Facebook environment and its terms and conditions. He built the site which was part of his own website.

Primary Goal:

Create an incentive for people to “like” the page by providing a free product and so grow his fan base

3. Book Reviews by Other Bloggers and A-Listers

Building a tribe before launch becomes very apparent here and with Guy’s access to his All top data base of 20,000 bloggers he was able to offer a free review copy to all 20,000 and from that he attained the following traction.

4. Email Marketing

The shiny new toy ‘social media’ is not the only marketing tactic that he used and they knew that a 160,000 emails (130,000 acquired over 30 years of making contacts including his blog and website) would be highly effective.

5. Banner Ads

This was a 6 week campaign on Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and Twitter (Promoted Tweets). They used Clix Marketing for managing the campaign. Both Google Adwords and Facebook ads are easy enough to do your self

Primary Goal

To get access to potential buyers outside of his sphere of influence and use the power of Google and Facebook to target the rightaudience.

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