How To Drop-A-Size Without Dieting or Exercising

Many have searched for ways to lose weight without the hassles of working out , or checking what we eat.

I’m here to tell you that it’s possible to do just that. First you have to acknowledge a war we don’t know we are fighting and against whom. You think the battle is with the food you’re consuming daily, but it’s much more than that. Your enemies are hiding in plain sight and I’m here to help you identify them, to give you a fighting chance against them:

  1. Social Events.

For me this is enemy #1. Those PARTY FOODof you who are serial wedding and party people know what I’m on about. It’s almost like the hosts of these occasions have an association where the agenda is to feed their guests, till they gain 20 pounds. Every Nigerian party you go to, there’s like 5 – 10 courses of figure damaging meals on the menu. And they all look good. Beware of Nigerian Parties and Weddings!

  1. Food Commercials & Marketers.ADVERT BURGER

Who hasn’t tried to replicate that mouth- watering from a commercial or from the food channel? I know I have! Female emotional eaters tend to be highly influenced by ads for indulgent foods. Ads work by sending you subliminal messages to your subconscious, making you think more about their product and ultimately become a customer. Beware of food commercials enemy #2!


  1. Cinemas.

They got me here too! Every time I go to my favorite cinema for a movie, I have to consciously check myself from eating everything there. The popcorn and shawarma and ice cream and drinks and hot dog, all want to be eaten together. Serial movie goers can feel me on this one. Cinemas are enemy #3.


  1. Your Favorite Restaurant

I live and work in Lekki 1, Lagos. Many of my clients have complained that coming to my office is a challenge, because of the Coldstone/Dominos store just before my office. Looking at restaurant signs was enough to give such a strong external cue to them to buy from those stores.

  1. Family and Friends

If you’re blessed with friends and family who spoil you with drinks and food any time you go visiting, be thankful you have them. You just have to remember to eat and drink wisely when you’re around them. Especially the mother-in-law that thinks you’re too skinny and sees it as her mission in life to fatten you up. Beware of them!

Follow and master these 5 secret tips and you will definitely be on your way to achieving your sliming goal or drop-a- size goal this first quarter of 2015.

About The Author

Tony Ekaidem

Tony Ekaidem is a graduate of Human Anatomy from the University of Calabar. He was inducted into the World Taekwondo Hall of Fame as a Master Instructor in 2011. He is a Senior Master Instructor (SMI) in the art of Jidokwan Taekwondo and is a licensed 5th degree black belt holder with more than 15 years of experience.

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