Have You Met The New NFF

nffOver the last few years Nigerian football fans have continued to dwindle with a large number of the population having no believe in anything that has to do with Nigerian football as a whole.

Long gone are those days when Nigerians filled stadiums to watch a match between two Nigerian League teams or quickly ran back home to watch a Nigerian match. It would take the special grace, and extra publicity stunt with the infusion of a foreign team or celebrity player(s) to have today’s Nigerians show the kind of interest they use to show for Nigerian football years ago.

In the past one year however things have started to take a turn in the soccer community with our national teams performing beyond expectation at different levels and competitions which in return has aroused the interest of the average Nigerian once again in our football matter. For the first time in a long time Nigerians have shown little interest in Nigerian football with some engaging in regular conversations on social media platforms, attending matches , and even a few purchasing football kits. Our once hated team have started to gain fan base. Now Nigerians actually know the names of some of their players.

However following the recent happenings in the Nigerian soccer scene it is obvious that Nigerians once again are beginning to withdraw their interest and support. They are going back to their once nonchalant attitude towards Nigerian football.

From all indications and recent development in NFF it is clear that the body is working really hard to regain the trust of their Nigerian fans and to also involve them in the activities of the federation as a whole with their recent online campaign which commenced in May this year with the Male Senior Team (Super Eagles). For those of us that are regular on the internet we would notice that the Super Eagles have joined the bandwagon of teams who make use of social media accounts to connect with their fans.

What might have seemed like the least thing needed in the now struggling Nigerian football seems to have had yielded some results.
Hence it looks like NFF is planning to make use of Nigeria’s football break from the international scene following our failure to qualify for the 2015 African Nations Cup as a period to re-brand and restructure Nigerian football hopefully with inputs from the fans
We guess the federation is not yet ready to lose their Nigerian fans after only a year of blissful relationship which seemed to have started to go sour right from the 2014 world cup, to the NFF saga and now the recent inability of the current champions to qualify for the 2015 Nations Cup.

There is a new NFF, and not only is the leadership new, but the strategies been put in place seems like the body has finally woken up from its slumber before it loses the entire Nigerian community.
The days of running Nigerian football in a closet is finally coming to an end.

NFF itself has joined the online market with the launching of their website and verification of a majority of their social media accounts. Nigerians can now have direct access to the information on all happenings in Nigerian football, as well as the federation. Nigerians now have room to contribute to how they want their Football scene to look like.

Its high time Nigerians transferred their interest from the foreign leagues to our local leagues. I guess now is a good time to wish NFF and Nigerian football good luck!

You can connect with them via any of the following platform
Twitter Super Eagles @NGSuperEAGLES @NFF or Google +: Super Eagles or visit ther website

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