HOLDEN AT ABUJA, 29-30 October 2013


  1. The Governing Council of the National Human Rights Commission convened for its 4th 2013 statutory meeting at the Council Chambers in the Commission’s Headquarters between 29 and 30 October, 2013. Ten members of council, including the chairman, attended the meeting.


  1. Council considered and authorized for completion the process of development of the Commission’s triennial strategy and plans, 2013-2016.

  1. Within the framework of the strategic planning process and to enable the Commission to optimally fulfill its statutory roles with respect to human rights crimes and mass atrocities, Council decided to authorize the establishment within the Commission of a Unit with responsibility for Human Rights Crimes and Mass Atrocities.


  1. Reflecting its concerns for the intensity of domestic violence as a crisis for criminal justice, public health, and social development in Nigeria, Council resolved to explore in collaboration with its partners, the establishment in Abuja of a specialized Refuge and Trauma Centre for women affected by domestic violence, and directed the Executive Secretary to identify dedicated human assets for this purpose.


  1. As part of the process of strategic planning for the Commission, Council established 11 thematic priorities for the Commission over the next triennium as follows:

(a) Vulnerable Communities:

(b) Migration, Forced Displacement and Trafficking in Persons:

(c)  Gender:

(d)Citizenship, Equality and Non-Discrimination:

(e)  Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:

(f)   Food Security, Climate change and Environment:

(g) Law Enforcement, Violence and Security;

(h) Freedom of Expression, Communication and the Media;

(i)   Freedom of Religion and Conscience;

(j)    Human Rights, Business and Regulatory Agencies; and

(k) Impunity and Access to Remedies


  1. To advance the work of the Commission in these identified areas of priority, Council established and designated mandates for Special Procedures/Rapporteurs who shall have responsibility to provide leadership in the work of the Commission, including monitoring, reporting of violations, liaison with advocates and partners, and, where appropriate, interventions and remedies in the following thematic areas:


(a) Vulnerable Communities (including Disabilities, the elderly, children, persons Living with HIV/AIDS, Widowhood, and Albinism) – Mrs. Ranti Daudu

(b) Impunity and Access to Justice (including Administrative justice; enforcement; compliance and rule of law) – Mr. D.O.C. Ezeigwe;

(c)  Gender (including all aspects of human rights of women and the girl child, maternal mortality; and violence against women) – Hajiya Saudatu Mahdi;

(d)Migration, Forced Displacement and Trafficking in Persons – Mrs. Ifeyinwa Rita Njokanmma;

(e)  Economic, Social & Cultural Rights (including the human rights to health, education, social protection, housing and shelter as well as labour issues and livelihoods) – Mr. Kayode Komolafe;

(f)   Citizenship, Equality & Non-discrimination – Alhaji Ibrahim Nikau; and

(g) Freedom of expression, communication and the media – Mrs. Eugenia Abu


  1. Reflecting its concern for the proliferation of ungazetted detention centres among various agencies in the public sector in different parts of the country, Council established a three-person working group to lead an audit of detention centres and places of detention in Nigeria.


  1. Council considered plans for the conduct a Public Inquiry on Demolitions and Forced Evictions in Nigeria and authorized that the hearings shall take place successively in four venues around Nigeria, namely: Abuja, Enugu, Kano and Lagos. Council designated a three-person panel to lead its sittings in Lagos, where the initial sitting of the inquiry shall convene on November 18-21, 2013.


  1. Council received and considered an interim report on the Killings of alleged squatters in the Apo Area of Abuja on or about 19 September 2013 and authorized the Executive Secretariat to undertake further work with a view to finalizing the report and findings of the Commission.

ABUJA, 30 October, 2013.

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