Fayose: APC plunging Nigeria into civil, religious war

ayo-fayose14-apcEkiti State governor, Mr. Ayodele Fay­ose, has raised the alarm on the possi­bility of the collapse of Nigeria as a country after the February 14 presidential election, saying; “head or tail, by the utterances and campaign of hate by the All Progressives Congress (APC), Nigeria is definitely on the verge of chaos.”

He said the APC as a party had dragged Nigeria to the brink of crisis by branding its presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) as candidate of the North, an Islamist, Ji­hardists and Sharialist, who is out to return power to the northerners and implement Islamic agenda, thereby trig­gering a kind of reasoning in the mindset of stakeholders in other parts of the country, especially the Niger-Delta.

The governor pointed out that with the global economic meltdown and the utterances of the APC, the presidential election will not be palatable for the country, saying; “An average northerner, who had already been told that Buhari is the candidate of Islam is preaching violence before the election. The APC as a party is saying that it will form parallel government if Bu­hari loses, implying that the party has admitted defeat and ready to throw the country into chaos.”

Fayose said: “The APC members are already telling Nigerians what will happen after the election if President Jonathan wins.

“This campaign of hate from the APC has now trig­gered a kind of reasoning in other stakeholders, especially the Niger-Delta people, who see the Goodluck Jonathan presidency as their turn, with the reality that, if Buhari wins, there will be crisis in the Niger-Delta, the area that produces the resources with which Nigeria is sustained.

“If the Niger-Delta region erupts in crisis and the Igbo in the South-East return to the old antics and decided to secede, what happens to the North that can only con­tribute between three to five percent to the economy of Nigeria?

“Is it not a fact that Boko Haram is a Northern insur­gency that is linked to the Northern elements, but now being used to blackmail President Goodluck Jona­than? Will it surprise anyone if the Niger-Delta people of the South-South and Igbos in the Southeast call bluff of the North and secede?

“Has any country that is diverse in religion and eth­nicity like Nigeria survive the consequences of religious and ethnic war? “The essence of all these is to call to order, the APC desperadoes who want to precipitate crisis in the country by going about claiming in the north that Bu­hari is candidate of the north, he is a Jihardist, Islamist and Sharialist just to win votes.

“The reality is, if care is not taken, the end of the elec­tion might be secession or religious war, aside from the global economic crisis, which is a cold war on its own. “The APC should therefore be pre­pared for the consequences of their utterances, because as it is, head or tail, February 14 presidential election will bring about unpalatable con­sequences.

“The only way out is for the APC to save Ni­geria and its people from this imminent unpalatable consequences by educating their party supporters in the North that Nigeria is one, and President Jonathan, who is from the minority tribe in the Niger-Delta has the rights to rule Nigeria as they, the northerners. -SunNews

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