Ex-American Idol contestant suing MTV for $40M

An American Idol alumnus Corey Clark is suing MTV for how they covered his disqualification from the singing competition show.

Clark is asking for $40m in damages.

He was evicted from the second season of the highly rated show after officials found out he’d faced three misdemeanour charges in his past. (Clark was however acquitted of all charges).

The 31-year-old says in his suit which was filed on July 5 that MTV ‘practiced yellow journalism and published a continuous, one-sided stream of defamatory material in regard to him’.

Clark also alleges in his suit that Idol Judge Paula Abdul acted as a mentor to him back in 2002 and that they had a romantic relationship that ‘was ultimately consummated’. Abdul has however denied the relationship.

In 2005, he released his self-titled debut ‘Corey Clark’.

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