Evicted occupants of abandoned buildings sleep on road

Residents of Apapa GRA, Lagos State, risk contracting diseases soon if the relevant authorities fail to tackle the environmental nuisance being caused by some displaced residents.

No fewer than 100 persons, evicted from abandoned buildings in the estate have converted Bristol Road and adjoining streets into their homes.

As a result, the displaced people, suspected to be Nigeriens and Chadians have turned every available drainage channel into their toilets, making the areas to stink.

Worried by the ugly development, Apapa GRA Residents Association has called on the Lagos State Government to come to the rescue of the residents.

AGRA Chairman, Brig.-Gen. Sola Ayo-Vaughan (retd.) said after their eviction, instead of them to leave the GRA, the evictees moved their belongings to the streets.

Ayo-Vaughan said, “The drainages have become their toilets. They block the streets with their belongings and spread mats and mattresses on the streets to sleep till morning. The entire surrounding is now a mess.

“We reached out to Kick Against Indiscipline commander in order to have these people removed from the streets. Though he responded, the impact was minimal and the problems still persist.

“We are therefore compelled to request an urgent intervention before things get out of control. There are over 100 people sleeping and waking up on Bristol Road.”

He said the “evictees” had refused to relocate, stressing that their continued stay constituted both environmental and security threats to the residents.

Ayo-Vaughan urged the government to remove the people from the street, quickly to avoid imminent outbreak of epidemic in the GRA.

Many of the displaced residents refused to talk, but one of them, who gave his name simply as Danladi, told our correspondent that they had no place to move to.

“We have been here for a long time before they ejected us unlawfully. Where do they want us to go? I urge the residents to be considerate towards us,” he said.

The Unit Commander, KAI, Mr. O. Pako, said the displaced residents must leave Bristol Road and other streets they occupied.

He said some agencies within the Lagos State Government were encouraging them to stay there.

Pako said, “It seems there are some agencies within the Lagos State Government backing these people. Those people are even asking them to go to court.

“The people are causing epidemic – they urinate and defecate in the area. They have turned parts of the estate into shanties.”

The KAI commander said he had already written his report to the Commissioner of Environment, stressing, “I am awaiting his directive.”

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