Elvina Ibru: I Don’t Want to Get Married, Marriage is Not a Fair Institution in Nigeria

Elvina_Ibru_NigeriaElvina, daughter of billionaire businessman, Olorogun Michael Ibru, has all it takes to be a wife, but the amiable light-skinned beauty is had never fancied the word marrage let alone getting hitched. Speaking in an interview with Daily Independent, Elvina opens up about life as the daughter of a money bag, her six-year old son, and her zero tolerance to the idea of marriage…

Does living apart with her son’s father affect his growing up?
“No, because his dad and I are best of friends. His dad lives in Port Harcourt. He tries to come here as much as possible; if not, Elisha goes to him. And fortunately, his dad got married in December to a very wonderful girl. She’s a fantastic person and Elisha loves her.
“We get along very well. Sometimes, when we sit like a family, people get confused because they wonder how I can be so close to my ex and his wife. I think life is too short to concern yourself with worthless things. If I quarrel with my ex and his wife, who suffers? It’s my son. I’m just happy about the wife God has given him because my mind is at rest.”

Why she did not get married to her son’s father:
“I have never wanted to get married. I no know o. Maybe if I dey America, dem for don carry me go therapist. I really don’t know. May be it has to do with my polygamous background. I don’t know. Maybe it has to do with other marriages that I see because I have a few female friends and when you go to lunch with them, 10 people around the table and they don’t have good things to say about their husbands.

“If every woman is complaining about her husband, what’s the point? To be honest, I don’t think marriage is a fair institution in this country. Until we put aside the double standards, I’m not in the mood. I love Elisha’s father so much, but as much as he asked me, I was never interested.”
There’s a coincidence here. Your elder sister has a child just like you and she’s not married. Why?
I think you would be better off asking her. She’s not me and I’m not her. I believe if she meets Mr. Right, she will get married. But if I meet Mr. Right, right, right, I don’t want to get married. I have never wanted to get married. Maybe in 10 years, one thing fit enter my head, oh girl, time don reach to marry, to have a companion o, but honestly, I have never been for marriage. Please do not misquote me. I’m not saying this to young girls out there because I know I’m a role model of sorts. I’m not saying marriage is not a good thing. If it’s for you, please go ahead but it’s not for me, at least not for now.

So, how do you cope without a companion?
I have a companion, but it’s just that there is no certificate.

Could that companion of yours be a married person?
Lailai! I beg o. I take God beg you o. He’s very single.

Basically, you like dating younger people?
“Is anything wrong with dating younger people? You see what I mean by double standards in this country? If it’s a 60 year old man that is getting married to a 30- year old, nobody has any issues with it. ‘Oh congratulations,’ they will even be praising him, ‘oh boy, you are a bad guy.’ But when a 60-year old woman comes out tomorrow to say she wants to marry a 30- year old, then you hear people go like, ‘Hey, Jezebel. We need to stop this nonsense in this country.’

“Once two people are matured and they are consenting, as far as I’m concerned, there is nothing wrong with them having a relationship. And besides, you asked if my guy was married and I said no. Most men in my age group are married, so, is it better that I should go and meet somebody else’s husband or I should go out with a younger guy?
“In Nigeria, I think we need to start living and let people live. Let us focus on things that are important. We should be thinking about why old men are marrying nine, 10- year olds and giving them belle (getting them pregnant) and VVF (Vesico-Vaginal Fistula), instead of thinking about two consenting homosexuals. I’m very open about these views.”

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