Communique issued by the G18 Coalition for Goddy Jedy Agba at the end of its third general meeting held in Calabar, Cross River State

Goddy_Jeddy_AgbaThe G18 Coalition is a political movement comprising, dynamic and articulate young people from Cross River State whose main focus is to ensure that, via the full application and implication of democratic practices, Goddy Jedy Agba OFR emerges Governor of Cross River State come 2015.g18-coalition



We, members of the G18 coalition have watched the unfolding political drama in Cross River State especially as it affects ‘who will’ and ‘who will not’ be Governor of the State come 2015 and wish to declare as follows:


1. Upon diligent assessment and careful analysis of Goddy Jedy Agba and other waiting-to-be anointed aspirants, we have come to the inevitable conclusion that Goddy Jedy Agba stands out as the only one that has demonstrated a passionatedesire to man the affairs of the state. This is borne out of his focus on a people oriented primaries and general elections as against the waitfor-anointing posture of others whose intentions are still veiled with the hope of emerging the “anointed”.


2. From the hills of Obanliku to the shores of Bakassi, we hereby declare and affirm our undivided and collective resolve to pursue and foster peacefully, by every lawful means available, the realization of the Goddy Jedy Agba 2015 mandate so as to bring the desired consolidation and change that Cross River State is in dire need of.


3. We implore all democratic minds in the state to eschew politics ofhatred, imposition and keep the field level for every interested aspirant to participate both during the party primaries and the general elections. Let us all be mindful of the fact that Power comes from God and it is through the people that leaders are made! Any attempt to subvert the wish of the people will amount to a grave insult, not only to the Almighty but the collective sensibilities of Cross Riverians.


4. We condemn in totality, the recent politics of intimidation and persecution of obvious and perceived supporters of Goddy Jedy Agba (a case in point; the tactless, unpolished, childish and widely publicized removal from caucus, of Ntufam Sandy Onoh (Ph.D) and the purported sacking from office of Essien E. Essien, the PDP Chapter Chairman of Calabar South). Such obvious show of intolerance would do our polity no good. The political class has no reason to elevate mere difference in political interests, to unmitigated political warfare as this will do the state no good whatsoever.


5. We further condemn the recent vituperations of Ntufam John Okon, Cross River State PDP Chairman wherein he unwittingly took a swipe on the person of Goddy Jedy Agba with a spurious, fallacious and unfounded claim that Goddy JedyAgba is not a member of the PDP. We make bold to say that such other utterances are not only undemocratic but a clear indication of a grand plan to orchestrate evil political maneuverings against Goddy JedyAgba whom the people desire.


6. While we commend the National Chairman of the PDP for astutely standing for justice and equity for all members of the party and his admonition against illegal movements and mutilation of party registers cum deprivation of party membership rights to Nigerians, we enjoin the national leadership of the PDP to call Ntufam John Okon to order and put a stop to his seeming lack of knowledge of party codes, rules and conventions. Let it be known that we will resist his nefarious contraptions by every legal means at our disposal.


7. We therefore call on Goddy Jedy Agba to remain steadfast on the path of equity and IMMEDIATELY retire from the services of NNPC and returnhome to work towards the actualization of the people’s mandate and yearnings. Having enjoyed exalted offices at the Federal level courtesy of his being a Cross Riverian, we are of the firm conviction and believe that Goddy Jedy Agba, whose aspiration is receiving soaring support from the people, should return home and deliver greater services to Cross River State. All the networks and connections made by him should be put to the greater good of Cross Riverians.


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God bless G18 Coalition.
God Bless and Keep Goddy Jedy Agba.
God Bless Cross River State.
God Bless Nigeria.


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