Boko Haram A Serious Threat To The World, Says President Obama

US_PresidentUnited States president Barack Obama on Sunday morning said that Boko Haram and other terrorist groups were putting the United States and the entire world under a very serious threat.


Speaking in Washington, DC, President Obama added that the United States had been seriously threatened by these various terrorist organizations for his entire time in office and even since before the September 11, 2001, attacks which involved the late leader of the al-qaeda, Mr Osama bin Laden.


He also made it known that his administration would do all it could to ensure that all the terrorist groups across the world were decisively fought till the world is free from terrorism.


The American leader pressed further that the terrorists were gaining strength in some places, adding that his administration was trying to boost its response to terrorists trained in Iraq and Syria who, because of European passports, would have little trouble getting to the United States.


He stated: “We’re spending a lot of time, and we have been for years, making sure that we are improving intelligence so that we can respond to that. There are going to be times where we take strikes against organizations that could do us harm.”


However, the United States has scaled back its surveillance flights in the search for nearly 300 girls kidnapped earlier this year by Islamic extremists in Nigeria.


According to a statement obtained by our correspondent from the US Department of Defense, flights are now being conducted on an intermittent basis as other nations have increased their support and additional intelligence has been gathered.



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