Armed Robbers attack Pete Edochie’s son

imagesYul Edochie, one of the sons of popular Nigerian actor, Pete Edochie recently escaped the wrath of armed bandits in Enugu on Friday, October 16, 2015.

According to the actor, the armed bandits attacked him alongside other people at hotel he was staying on Friday night just while relaxing in the premises.
Though he escaped from the claws of the bandits, he got himself injured while escaping as he was said to have crashed into a glass door.
Yul had been in Enugu for a movie shoot and was scheduled to complete the shooting before returning to Lagos, where he stays with his family.
Narrating his ordeal, ‘I really wish it’s a rumour but its not. This really happened. I was attacked by armed robbers on Friday night in enugu while I was relaxing in my hotel premises after the day’s shoot.

‘Luckily I escaped but unfortunately I crashed into a glass door as I was running for dear life and sustained this cut on my ear and a few bruises. Not a funny experience at all. I’m back to Lagos to run a full scan to be sure all is well inside. I thank God for His protection,’ he explained.

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