Anozie wins gold the 6th for Nigeria at the London 2012 Paralympics

Grace Anozie the Power lifter added yet another gold to Nigeria’s growing haulage at the London 2012 Paralympics after beating seven other contestants in the women’s +82.5kg class at the ExCel centre on Wednesday.

Team Nigeria is still 12th in the medals ranking with six gold, five silver and one bronze medal.

Anozie, 36, failed to lift 162kg in her first attempt but came back to lift the same weight which eventually gave her the lead. Her third attempt to lift 165kg failed; she would have equalled the Paralympic record had she succeeded.

Egypt’s Heba Ahmed won the silver medal after lifting 140kg in her first attempt. Her second attempt at 145kg failed so she never bothered to make the third attempt.

Mexico’s Perla Barcenas won the bronze medal with her 135kg lift. She made an effort to lift 141kg in her third attempt but it was futile.

Anozie’s success added 12 points to Nigeria’s credit to put the team at the top of the women’s world powerlifting rankings with 71 points.

Nigeria leads China which has 65 points, while Egypt is third in the rankings with 62 points.

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