Akpoborie: Politics destroying our Nigerian football

Akpoborie-jonathan-politicsAkpoborie says he doesn’t feel sorry for the NFF, believing the way they came into office may have contributed to them being handicapped as it seems, adding they will have to deal with the problems.

“I wouldn’t say I want to be sorry for the guys at the NFF because in getting into office, they used the political power that they have to get into the office, so it is something they have to deal with,” Akpoborie said.

The former Wolfsburg of Germany striker also points out politics as one of the reasons for the problems that is currently plaguing Nigerian football, adding that politics will have to be separated from football just like it’s done in Europe.

“Whenever we draw up a football plan, you see politics coming to disrupt these plans and we have to understand that politics is destroying Nigerian football. We have to separate football from politics, just like it is done in Europe,” Akpoborie stated.

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