Ada George, Horsfall, others insist on riverine governor

Horsfall-river-stateSome elders in Rivers State un­der the aegis of Rivers State El­ders and Leaders Coun­cil (RELECT), yesterday insisted that the riverine area of the state should produce the next gover­nor.

Among those present at the meeting of elders drawn from all the major ethnic nationalities of the state were Chief Albert Horsfall, and the former governor of the state, Chief Rufus Ada- George.

At the end of the meet­ing, which lasted for over two hours, the elders’ coun­cil maintained that in keep­ing with fairness, equity and justice, the issue of up­land and riverine dichoto­my should be respected.

Speaking on behalf of the council, Chief Horsfall pointed out that it was their resolution that all political parties in the state should field riverine governor­ship candidates.

According to him, since the creation of the state, the riverine area had governed the state for only six years, excluding the military re­gime of Diete Spiff.

He pointed out that since the present political dispen­sation, the upland area had ruled the state for 16 years and five months.


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