A man tries to surprise his wife by doing house chores, accidentally irons his face!

A HAPLESS husband trying to convince his wife that he was hot at doing housework ended up accidentally ironing his face. Tomas Paczkowski, 32, was doing the ironing while watching a boxing match on the telly.

But he got so involved in the bout that he pressed the hot appliance to his face when he heard the phone ring. Tomas then added insult to injury when he ran to the bathroom to put cold water on the burn only to run into the door. Tomas, from Elblag, Poland, hurt himself after wanting to show wife Lila that he was just as good around the house as she was.

He said: “I decided to do the ironing while she was out at work, just to prove a point. Women are always going on about multi-tasking, so I set up the iron, opened a beer and put the boxing on the telly. Trouble was, I got so involved in the boxing that I wasn’t really thinking about what I was doing. So when the phone rang I picked up the iron by mistake and pressed it to my ear. The pain was incredible.”

Tomas added that his run-in with the door also gave him a black eye. Medics say he will make a full recovery ? but he is off the housework.

He said: “It’s harder than it looks. I really respect what my wife does now.”

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