141 passengers escape death as Aero flight makes emergency landing in Lagos

aero contractorsA major air tragedy was averted yesterday at the domestic wing of Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, when an Aero flight NG127 from Lagos to Abuja with over 141 passengers on-board, suffered a burst tyre just as the plane was lifting off after “attaining V2”.

At this high velocity, aborting the take off will lead to immediate crash of the plane.

According to the airline, the pilot did the right thing by not aborting the take off, but controlled the plane into the air and brought it back for emergency landing.

Reacting to the incidence, the spokesman of the airline, Mr. Sam Tumba, said: “Aero flight NG127 from Lagos to Abuja on this day made an air return as a result of a burst tyre, which occurred just as the airplane was lifting off.

“The pilot did the right thing by not trying to abort the take off. He controlled the airplane into the air and following all trained procedures, he brought the plane back to a safe landing.

“At no time, during all of these, were the passengers’ lives at any risk.”

Also confirming the incidence, Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, said the authority is already investigating the incidence and some of the passengers on-board the flight have already rescheduled their flight to today.

According to a statement from Mr. Fan Ndubuoke, General Manager, Public Affairs, NCAA, the authority will further examine “what actually happened during the flight.”

This incidence is coming barely a month after another Aero Contractors Airline flight 180 from Lagos to Kaduna, with over 120 passengers on-board, developed technical fault mid-air.-Nigerianeye

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